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How to choose the best travel agency for Your Nepal Tour and Trekking

Nepal Travel advice & Safety
Mountain Sherpa Admin
Jan 19, 2038

When it’s concerning time for your journey, investing a little time and energy for preparation will help you confirm a smooth vacation. choosing the best travel agency for adventure tour and trekking in Nepal isn’t easy, but it is guaranteed to make the rest of your tour a breeze.

These ordinary steps will benefit you pick the best travel agency company for your Nepal Travel:

Trust on Research

Finding trustworthy and best tour companies in Nepal is the major step of inquiry. Check reviews on tourism forums and websites like Trip advisor or get suggestion from friends and coworkers. Visit the tour organization social media pages to learn more from earlier tourists reviews. Make assured you are detailed and pleased with your enquiry.

List Your Travel Goal

Have a perfect idea of what you need your journey to be, be it adventurous trips, family tour, private Tour or leisurely tour. Then make a list of places you desire to visit and activities or experiences you need to assume. Also, make sure to support your favored activities, transport, and program, making sure it all times out well.

Track Interactions

The significant to assuming a provider is trust tabs on how responsive they are. Also, keeping your communication active with the company via email or phone is a great way to start a relationship with them. Cross the impassive ones from your list, because if they are not attending to you now, then possibilities are they will not be dependable if you are trapped anywhere or need something during the expedition.

Don’t be greedy for more

If you are scheduling to travel to 3 Himalayas countries in one week, then it seems that you won’t be able to visit much of each of your destinations. Don’t effort to fit many places into your journey. Do you wish 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there kind of experience that leaves you tired, or do you want a comprehensive, excellence experience that permits you to discover a place with comfort?

Check for Safety

Make certain the Tour Company is a specialized company that follows to safety procedures. If it is a trustworthy company, then chances are it will have appropriate safety processes in place and will offer a low-risk tour package.

Estimate Costs

Be sure of what kind of services, Hotel accommodations and transportations are included in the cost of package before committing to them. Many company try to offer cheaper price but you have to be very careful. False helicopter rescue means bringing the tourist who had been tricked by guide and low cost company owner while trekking in high elevation for providing inorganic food.

Also check the costs of things that are not contained in the trip, like prices of extra activities or transportation from one place to another. Find out how many meals and stays are covered in the tour price. The Tour Company should also be able to provide you a rough calculation of extra expenses, which are not comprised in the expedition.

Make Sure they have Best Sherpa Guides

There is no hesitation to say that Sherpa’s are the very trustworthy guides in the Himalayas. Most of the mountaineers wouldn’t even be able to get up at the highland without Sherpa’s. They are the native people who live around the foothills of high Himalayas. They are aware with the local culture, neighboring area and know every one of the regions.

When it comes to trekking and climbing to the Mount Everest base camp or Annapurna base camp, they have this amazing power and energy on the mountains, which no one ever can match. This is the reason why most of the western climbers and trekkers, who go for trekking and climbing trips, take Sherpa guide with them. They are the most essential pillars of any mountain journey in Nepal.As a local Sherpa adventure travel company we have passion for the mountains, nature and social responsibilities.

We request you join with Expert 100% local Sherpa Company to travel safe in the Himalayas of Nepal. Mountain Sherpa Trekking & Expeditions truly value our guest and will make sure you have a great time in Nepal. We are here to make your trip a lifetime unforgettable.

The Mountain Sherpa Trekking & Expedition is a Specialist Trekking and Luxury Tour Operator based in Kathmandu, Nepal since 1998.

We are 100% local Sherpa owned & operated Company

We are 100% Local Sherpa Expert from Everest region of Nepal.As Sherpa, we know and love our homeland and it is our responsibility that we wanted to share our knowledge and love with others. Our idea is quite simple: to follow our backgrounds of friendliness and welcome you to share our homeland, the Himalaya.

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