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Peak Climbing in Nepal, Nepal Peak Climbing

Though the Nepal is known as a small country it’s has vast richness in nature, Mountain with more than 1,310 peaks over 6000 meters. More than 238 Hills/Peaks/Mountains/Himalayans are opened for climbing. Eights peaks out of 14 peaks above 8000 meters high are in the heavenly land Nepal. So Nepal is a  unique attraction for visitors for Peak climbing . Climbing the peaks of Nepal at least once in the life has become race/hobbies. The majesty and magnificent view of peaks Himalayans which you can glimpse in Nepal you will get such wonderful opportunity in World. Mt. Mera Peak (6,476 m), Mt. Lobuche Peak (6,119 m, Pador peak (5896 M), Pisang Peak(6092 M), Tent peak (5202 M), Yela peak (5732 M), Naya Kangi Peak (5844 M) etc are the famous peaks for peak climbing in Nepal.  Most of them require technical climbing skill to attempt. However some others can be climbed by first timers with good fitness and basic climbing skills.

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