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Why are Sherpa Guides best for Mount Everest Base Camp Trek?

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Mountain Sherpa Admin
Feb 09, 2023

Who are Sherpas? The term Sherpa is generally applied to the porter, guides, and climbers for expeditions in the Himalayas. Most of the time people confuses Sherpa with the people who carry the climber's goods to up and down to the mountains. Yes, they carry goods, but they are not limited to just carrying goods.

Sherpas are the people who are excellent and genetically gifted climbers who live in the lap of the highest mountains of the world in Nepal. They are the greatest climbers in the world who can climb faster and perform better than any other humans on the planet.

But there is a long history behind the ability of Sherpas to climb Mountains especially Mount Everest. Majority of the climbers of the highest peak Everest to date are the Sherpas.Today,we are going to share with you:

Why Are Sherpa Guides Best For Mount Everest Base Camp Trek?

01.They are real heroes of Mount Everest

At high altitudes like Mount Everest base camp, the air is thinner, and the amount of oxygen gets lesser.The average human body struggles to survive in such an environment it was never evolved unless and until you are a Sherpa.

From the first summit to the today’s date, most of the Mount Everest summit records including climbing without oxygen or the maximum number of climbings are held by Sherpa.Every foreign climber will experience at least some degree of altitude sicknesses such as a headache, blurred vision, nausea, and weakness. But it's never the case with Sherpas, they rarely experience any altitude sickness, and even in such extreme weather condition, they carry high loads of their clients till the top without any struggles.

02.Sherpas are more powerful than low land peoples

Yes, it has been scientifically proved that Sherpas produce 30 percent more power than the average humans at the altitude. They have more capillary per square centimeter of the muscle than low land climbers. They have a bigger chest, greater lung capacity and higher measures of all the lung physiology.  

Their body has adapted to function generally in low oxygen level as they have lived there for ages. The genetical adaption of a feature in their body to store oxygen makes them the best reliable person to climb with on Mount Everest Base camp expedition.

03. They are Passionate Climbers

It is true that they get paid for assisting climbers, but it is not only money they climb for. Sherpas are passionate climbers and the majority of the tasks during the expeditions.

Besides carrying loads, they set up the camping tents, secure climbing routes, ferry supplies, fixes lines and even guides their clients to the Everest Base camp and also to its peak. They do all these tasks without any significant difficulties which makes them best guide for Everest base camp.

Why Are Sherpa Guides Best For Nepal Trek?

04. Sherpa are reliable guides

There is no doubt that Sherpas are the most reliable guides. Most of the climbers wouldn’t even be able to get up at the mountain without Sherpas. They are the local people who reside around the mountains. They are familiar with the local culture, surrounding area and know every one of the areas.

When it comes to hiking to the Mount Everest base camp, they have this extraordinary power and energy on the mountains which no one ever can match. This the reason why most of the western climbers who hike to the Everest base camp or till the peak takes Sherpa guides with them. Sherpas are the backbone of any mountain expedition in Nepal.

05.They Risk their lives for their clients

Thousands of trekkers come for Everest Base camp hiking trails every year. It is one of the most dangerous trekking trail consisting of various ice glacier and the most hazardous Khumbu ice glacier. While the average people get nervous just once going through this and some Sherpas comes and goes through this more than a dozen time in a season.

At any one time of the climbing season, there are more than 1000 people on the Everest Base Camp trek making their attempt towards the highest peak of the world. Behind virtually every endeavor lies the support and expertise of the Sherpas. They guides, fixes route and rescue climbers who get into difficulty while climbing every day risking their own life so that others can claim their glory. Without the Sherpas, only the toughest and skilled mountaineers will succeed in the Everest base camp trek.

06.They feel pride when their client reaches their goal

Sherpa helps their clients to reach their destination. They do everything to make their clients wish come true. From endangering their lives to set up a tent and cooking for their clients, they do everything to make their client feel comfortable on their trip to Everest Base camp or any Treks and Climbing Trips in Nepal.

When their client reaches their destination, they enjoy the happiness of their clients without asking for any credit. Despite doing all the hard work and facing all the challenges for their clients, Sherpa people always give the credits to their clients.

07. Sherpas are the backbone of mountains expedition

Sherpas are the peaceful, brave and hardworking community who are the backbone of hiking, trekking and climbing industry of Nepal. With the numbers of high mountains and hills in Nepal, every year thousands of tourists come for various expeditions and rely upon Sherpas for their journey.

Sherpas are the best climbers and guides of Nepal.Their willingness to work hard and the ability to climb the high mountains has significantly aided in the country income from the tourists. Mountaineering has been an imminent part of the Sherpa culture, and it is them who makes the toughest climbing possible. Hence, the Sherpas are the best guides for Everest base camp trek as well as other mountaineering expeditions.

These are some reasons why Sherpa guides are best for Everest Base camp and any other mountain expeditions in Nepal. If you want to enjoy the beautiful Everest Base camp trek or any other trekking expeditions in Nepal with the real and brave Sherpa guides, please feel free to get in touch with Mountain Sherpa Trekking. We employ the real, brave and experienced Sherpas for all our trekking expeditions to help our clients fulfill their wishlist. For more details and information about trekking in Nepal.

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