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Feel the Sherpa adventure... ( safe and fun Travel)

Mountain Sherpa Trekking is a family-owned responsible Company in Nepal with decades of experience. We offer a wide range of small-group high quality treks, tours and expeditions in the Himalayas in order to create memorable vacation.

  • We are expert in trekking, cultural Tours and climbing trips in Nepal,Tibet,Bhutan & India.
  • We have some of the world most experienced and respected Mountain Sherpa guides as well as the reliable, well-trained expert outdoor crew.
  • We have decades of experience, deep knowledge of trekking, cultural tours and climbing expeditions in Nepal and in the neighboring countries.
  • Join your trip with us and feel the real Sherpa adventure.Each year 1000+ clients choose us for good service, price & loyal.

Over 25 Years of Experience

We are a 100% Local Sherpa-owned & operated Company. As we are mountains Specialists, We deliver high-quality customer Service for any trip to the Himalayas. Explore, discover and connect with the Himalayas on Trekking, Cultural Tours, Climbing, Multi-Adventure, or Family trip with local Sherpa experts.

Exceptional Climbing Experience

Join with us for exceptional climbing expeditions. Plan your climbing trip with Mountain Sherpa Trekking & Expeditions. As a local Sherpa expert company, we have highly trained Sherpa guides and best Sherpa support. We offer range of climbing trips, whether you want to ascent trekking peak around 6,000 meters or mountains above 7000 meters. We have something for everyone.

21 Days

Activity Levels Challenging
Activity Trekking & Climbing

20 Days

Activity Levels slightly difficult
Activity Trekking & Climbing

20 Days

Activity Levels Challenging
Activity Trekking & Climbing

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Wonderful travel experience

Mountain Sherpa Trekking is a fantastic Sherpa own trekking company to book your Nepal adventure with. The local guides, transportations, Hotels, Lodges, experience and trek itinerary that they have designed are all the entire best. Look no further t...

- Oliver Smith / Dec 16 ,2022

Incredible experience and 5 Star customer service!

One of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! We did the epic Everest Base camp trek with our Sherpa guides Migma and Dawa. Migma and Dawa made this trek exceptional. Everything was superb well organized. Despite it being a hard trek, the Mo...

- Joe jonas / Sep 23 ,2022

Why Mountain Sherpa Treking?

We are specializing for small groups trekking, tours and climbing in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. For more than 2 decades we have been working hard to become Nepal's most responsible adventure tour operator. This makes us, without doubt, the leading adventure Sherpa’s company in Nepal.

  • Over 20 Years of Experiences
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Safety is our first Priority
  • Hassle Free Services
  • Authentic Sherpa Experiences
  • Expert Local Sherpa Guides

Private Luxury Travel Experience

If you want to embark on a true once-in-a-lifetime journey, join our Private luxury trips. Whether you want to join one of our Nepal luxury treks or relaxed luxury tours in Nepal,Tibet and Bhutan, we have a flavour of Luxury trips to suit every palate.

09 Days

Activity Levels Moderate
Activity Cultural Tour & Hiking

18 Days

Activity Levels Moderate +2
Activity Cultural Tour+Trekking

13 Days

Activity Levels Moderate
Activity Trekking and hiking

Nature & Cultural Tour Experience

Experience with us some of the Nepal’s best nature and Cultural Tours. Our well design and fully guided tours includes most beautiful and important sites with combination of nature, vibrant culture and gentle pace

10 Days

Activity Levels Leisurely
Activity Culture+Nature Trip

13 Days

Activity Levels Easy & Relax
Activity Cultural Tour

14 Days

Activity Levels Leisurely
Activity Cultural/historic tour

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    Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulty

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