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Mountain expeditions above 7000 meters in Nepal, Peaks Climb

Nepal is one of the planet's fantastic destinations for mountain expedition. Besides mountaineering eight thousands, Nepal Himalayas includes hundreds of 7,000 meters mountains. The magical mountains of Nepal draw world alpinists throughout the year.There are 414 mountains accessible for mountaineering in Nepal. Of those 414 mountains there 72 (7000m/22,965ft) peaks open for ascending. The 7000m peaks of Nepal can include some of the most overwhelming climbing objectives that the Himalayan kingdom has to offer. There is certainly a range of difficulty from easy to challenging to keep both the novice and expert climbers busy.

Nepal is probably the only country in the world where mountaineers can climb the highest mountain in the world. Beyond ascending the ranges of highest peaks, Mountain expeditions above 7000 meters are also equally mesmerizing in the Himalayas. Few places in the world have such captivating high mountains and impressive peaks to scale amidst amazing natural beauty.

We have some of the world best and experienced Sherpa climbing guides helping other climbers pursue goals that might otherwise not be possible. Our mountaineers and our expert Sherpa guides are our most significant assets and we work tirelessly to support everyone who climbs with us. Here are designated the out mountain expeditions above 7000 meters mainly popular for climbing in the Nepal Himalayas.

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