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Why Book Your Trip with MSTE?

We are specializing in small groups trekking, tours, and climbing in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. For more than 2 decades we have been working hard to become Nepal's most responsible adventure tour operator. This makes us, without doubt, the leading adventure Sherpa’s company in Nepal.

We believe a small group enhances the quality of the experience; An average Mountain Sherpa Trekking group is around 10-12 people. We’re proud to have thousands of happy customers travel with us every year. Our guides are authentic Sherpa, knowledgeable and friendly with a passion for showing you the real Nepal. So, Join with us and feel the unforgettable travel experiences at an affordable price.

Customer Service Charter:

Mountain Sherpa Trekking & Expeditions is committed to providing excellent service. We will provide all the necessary help and support to ensure an enjoyable trip for you. Where we can, our focus is on traveling sustainably to offer you a meaningful and low-impact journey through Nepal.

We are committed to remaining honest and transparent to our clients, providing one on one consultation up until departure. We expect our clients to take advantage of this service either face to face or over the telephone/Skype to ensure a well-prepared tour, we also provide pre-departure group briefings and look forward to any post-departure feedback. All of our previous clients have been highly satisfied with our service and it is important to us to maintain this in the years to come. Nepal is a land of many surprises and Mountain Sherpa trekking & Expeditions does our best to set the right expectations of the places, people, systems and services you may come across while visiting Nepal.

Care of Porters

These guys need a separate category - they are the backbone of our company. None of this is possible without them. They work tirelessly for us to make sure that your vacation is perfect. They arrange and carry all. They are always the last to leave a Lodge/campsite and the first to arrive. We try to repay their effort with better treatment than any other company provides. We give proper salaries, equipment, and insurance to all our porters. In fact, most trekking and supply porters come from the lowlands and ascend to work during the trekking seasons. We work with this village to ensure their families have all the tools they need and their children are set for school. We donate books, computers, and even a teacher and have brought clients to help whenever interested. We are lucky to have these guys and will always think of special ways to honor them.

Giving back to the community

Mountain Sherpa Trekking & Expeditions was created with the purpose to give back. It is very important for those who can help those who can't. We don't see this happening enough in Nepal and it was the inspiration for this company. We work closely with one of the main supporters of Mountain Sherpa Foundation, A non-political and non-profit social organization. our foundation provides scholarships to less fortunate Sherpa children. In Nepal, many children grow up in remote mountain villages, deprived of basic education. The Mountain Sherpa Foundation's mission is to help the next generation find their way to a brighter future. For every booking of your trip, a small donation is made to this fund to provide full education scholarships to children. So far, we have 7 children in our program, and it grows every year. By doing this, we honor the dreams of our elders to make a better world. Although the Mountain Sherpa foundation is supported by Mountain Sherpa Trekking & Expedition, we always welcome the kindness of friends.

Local Sherpa owned Company

We are a 100% local Sherpa-owned Adventure Travel Company. We have some of the world's most experienced and respected Mountain Sherpa guides as well as a reliable, well-trained professional outdoor crew.

"Sherpas are highly regarded as elite mountaineers and experts in their local area. They were immeasurably valuable to early explorers of the Himalayan region, serving as guides at the extreme altitudes of the peaks and passes in the region, particularly for expeditions to climb Mount Everest”

As you know “Sherpa’s are highly regarded as elite mountaineers and experts in their local area. They were immeasurably valuable to early explorers of the Himalayan region, serving as guides at the extreme altitudes of the peaks and passes in the region, particularly for expeditions to climb Mount Everest” 

We assure you 100% safety & guaranteed a successful trip to the Himalayas with us. We utilize as many local resources as possible, including local Sherpa guides and produce. With sustainability the main focus of ours, we do promote the new destinations to tourists, which will in turn maximize the benefits for the local people of Nepal. We encourage the Nepali locals to preserve their culture and communities by sharing with them the understanding of the benefits of sustainability.

Safety- Always our first Priority

Every Mountain Sherpa Trekking & Expeditions Sherpa guide has received training in first aid from a physician. We conduct mandatory training every year – every single Mountain Sherpa trekking guides attend. When guiding you, they will have with them a first aid kit for basic medical problems (traveler’s diarrhea, cuts/ scrapes, etc.) and oxygen. They know how to make you feel better.

In case something unexpected happens and you feel you can no longer complete the trek, they will figure out the safest and quickest way off the course and to a clinic. You will never be left alone, you will have a member of the team escort you every step of the way until you are safe with a doctor. When you are feeling up to it, we will make sure that you still have the chance to visit the base camp and re-connect with your group or you can explore the area on the lower part.

No hidden fees

Our trip package includes everything you need—and nothing you do not.

We are very clear about what is and is not included in our tour prices. Some of the lower-priced tour companies do not include such basic things as water and food. If you are comparing prices, be sure you take into account exactly what you are getting. If they are vague about it, chances are you will find yourself with some unexpected expenses! No surprise expenses from Mountain Sherpa Trekking & expeditions!.

100% guarantee departure!

For all of our treks and tours, we only require a minimum of two travelers. The majority of our clients have at least 2 in their group, which means that you can choose virtually any date to start your tour or trek. If you are traveling solo, we are very happy to place you in one of our existing groups, subject to availability. But upon your request, we can also organize a private trek or Tour for a solo traveler.

Customize anything!

Based on demand and what our clients tell us they want, we have put together an incredible choice of tours & treks which are detailed on our website and we are adding new tours & Treks whenever we see an interest or need in new areas. If you don’t see what you want on our website, just email us what it is you are looking for and with a minimum of 2 travelers; we will happily put together a customized itinerary for you! If you want to do your own private Trek or tour, we are happy to organize

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