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It is a condition of joining any of our holidays that you are insured against medical and personal accident risks (to include repatriation costs, air ambulance, and helicopter rescue services). We also strongly recommend that you take out delayed departure and cancellation insurance, as all deposits paid are non-refundable. A relaxed trip is not possible without good travel insurance. In the event of any sickness or injury, the cost of emergency treatment and evacuation is shocking. Therefore, travel insurance is strongly recommended for everyone who signs up with Mountain Sherpa Trekking & Expeditions.

We strongly recommend that you be careful while choosing a policy as some make special exceptions for adventure travel. Before buying your insurance, please ensure that your insurer is aware of your MSTE itinerary and can agree to cover the activities being undertaken in the trip to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan & India. Such as if you are planning trekking or climbing/expedition in the Himalayas your insurance must cover emergency air ambulance/helicopter rescue including medical expenses.

The main consideration for your Nepal travel insurance is that it covers you for trekking over 4,000 meters or not. Most, if not all-standard travel policies will not cover you up to this altitude. We recommend using Nepal travel insurance from World nomad. Which includes cover for trekking over 4,000 meters. We also assist to getting travel insurance for our valued clients, who joins treks and any mountaineering trips with us. For further information please contact us.

For group tours in urban areas, your insurance coverage of ambulance or helicopter rescue is not mandatory, however better to have with them too. Again, in Tibet, Bhutan & India trips there is no possibility of helicopter rescue, so no need to buy the air ambulance coverage. You need to send us your copy of your insurance policy (e.g. your insurance certificate) or carry it with you while you come on the trip.

We are on-call 24 hours a day and in case of an emergency helicopter. Mountain Sherpa trekking and expeditions arrange all adventure tours with a 24-hour mountain rescue service. We run all our trip in a responsible way with safety and quality service.

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