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The Everest View Trek is an excellent alternative short trek in the Everest region of Nepal. We will gradually start our hike into Khumbu valley with the visit to the authentic Sherpa capital of Namche Bazaar whilst being surrounded by stunning mountain panorama, Sherpa village, Monasteries, and valleys.

This fabulous Everest view trek offers a real insight into the life of the Sherpa people of Everest. The trek begins from Lukla and we hike up to Tengboche (3,870m/ 12,694ft), where the world's highest monastery is located. This is the highest altitude village you can reach on this trek. From Tengboche, we see some of the best views of the world's highest peak including a view of Mount Everest as well as other eight-thousander peaks. Tengboche is a well-known tourist destination in Everest popular for the view of some of the most amazing landscapes on the planet. This short everest view trek is ideal for any weekend hillock trekkers who love being close to Himalayas views and especially wish to enjoy the view of Everest while also having a short and comparatively easy trek in the Everest area.

If you want to know other trekking options, we also have many alternative trekking routes itinerary in Everest regions as per the interest and preferences of each trekker. If you wish to do quite a longer trek than Everest, our 16 days Everest base camp trek would be a perfect choice. This is one of the most popular treks in the Khumbu region. Gokyo Valley trek is another highly recommended beautiful trek in the Everest region. If you are physically fit and would like to do a high pass trek then Gokyo Chola pass Everest base trek would be the best option.

Itinerary Print Itinerary

Upon arriving at Kathmandu International Airport, your journey with Mountain Sherpa Trekking & Expeditions begins with a smooth and warm welcome. After completing the visa formalities, you will proceed downstairs to collect your luggage before heading outside the terminal building.

As you make your way towards the arrival gate, keep an eye out for our dedicated guide holding a prominent display board bearing the name of our company, Mountain Sherpa Trekking & Expeditions. Our guide will be readily available to assist you and ensure a smooth transition to your next destination.

Immersing you in the rich traditions of the Sherpa culture, our airport representative guide will greet you with silk scarves, a gesture that reflects the warm hospitality and respect we extend to our guests. This traditional Sherpa welcome sets the tone for an unforgettable adventure in the Himalayas.

To ensure your comfort and convenience, a private vehicle will be waiting to transfer you to your hotel. Relax and enjoy the scenic drive as you soak in the sights and sounds of Kathmandu, Nepal's vibrant capital city.

At your preferred time, our company manager will meet you to provide a comprehensive briefing about your upcoming trip. This personalized interaction allows us to tailor our services to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that you are well-prepared and informed for the adventure that lies ahead.

As the evening unfolds, we invite you to indulge in a special welcome dinner at one of the finest authentic Nepali restaurants. Here, you will savor the flavors of Nepal's diverse cuisine while being captivated by a mesmerizing cultural show. This immersive experience allows you to delve deeper into the heart of Nepal's rich cultural heritage while forging unforgettable memories.

After a delightful evening, you will return to your hotel for a restful overnight stay, where you can relax and prepare yourself for the exciting journey that awaits you.

  • Hotel Options: 3-Star or 5-Star Hotels.
  • Welcome dinner
Service Quality
  • Private, Comfortable, Vehicle Delivered.

Explore UNESCO Heritage: Swoyambhunath, Durbar Square, Buddhanath.

Embark on a captivating sightseeing tour after a hearty breakfast. Our first stop is Swoyambhunath, a remarkable destination offering breathtaking panoramic views of the entire Kathmandu valley. The iconic stupa of Swoyambhunath stands as a symbol of Buddhism, and your knowledgeable guide will provide fascinating insights into its historical and cultural significance.

Continuing our journey, we will visit the Living Goddess home and Kathmandu Durbar Square, also known as Basantapur Area or Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square. Immerse yourself in the charm of this ancient royal palace area as you explore its architectural wonders and soak in the rich heritage it holds.

Our next highlight is Buddhanath, home to the largest Buddhist stupa in the world. Marvel at its grandeur as you stroll through the premises, visit the Buddhist monastery, and take a well-deserved lunch break. If the weather permits, you may even catch a glimpse of the nearby Ganesh Himal, one of the majestic mountains surrounding Kathmandu.

After an enriching day of exploration, you will have the afternoon free to pack and prepare for your upcoming trek. Take this time to gather your belongings and ensure you're ready for the adventure ahead.

Enjoy a comfortable overnight stay at your hotel in Kathmandu, relishing the memories created during the day's excursion. A delicious breakfast is included to energize you for the adventures that lie ahead.

  • Hotel Options: 3-Star or 5-Star Hotels.
  • Nourishing Breakfast: Hot Tea, Coffee Included.
Service Quality
  • Cultural Tour: Private Vehicle, Personal Guide

Early in the morning, your guide will pick you up and accompany you to Kathmandu Airport. From there, we will board a short 30-minute flight to Lukla, situated at an altitude of approximately 2,800 meters (9,186 feet). Upon arrival in Lukla, our experienced porters will warmly greet us and provide assistance throughout the trek.

Our exhilarating journey commences as we head north from the airstrip towards Chablung (2,700m/8,858ft). Along the way, we will have the opportunity to cross the Tharo Kosi river via a local-style suspension bridge. As we continue our ascent, the majestic peak of Kusum Kanguru (6,367m/20,889ft), renowned as one of the most challenging "trekking peaks," will come into view, captivating us with its grandeur.

Beyond the Tharo Kosi, the trail gently ascends towards Ghat (2,590m/8,497ft). We will traverse a ridge adorned with beautifully painted mani stones, representing the rich Buddhist culture of the region. As we make further progress, we will reach Phakding, where we will spend the night.

During this leg of the trek, we will provide comfortable accommodation in mountain lodges, also known as teahouses. These teahouses offer cozy settings and essential amenities for trekkers to ensure a comfortable stay along the way. Additionally, all meals will be included, ensuring that you receive nourishing sustenance throughout the day to keep you energized.

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary adventure as we embark on this scenic route, immersing ourselves in the breathtaking natural beauty and captivating cultural wonders of the Everest region.

Please note that during the peak seasons of October to December and April to May, flights from Kathmandu to Lukla may be diverted to Ramechhap Manthali Airport.Please visit this link (Kathmandu to Lukla flight) for further information regarding the diversion of flights from Kathmandu to Lukla.

  • Best local Sherpa lodge & Hot Shower included
  • Healthy Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Service Quality
  • Efficient Airport Transfer, Epic Scenic Flight
Trek Duration
  • Approx. 3-4 Hours Hiking

From Phakding, we follow the valley of the Dudh Kosi River, staying on the west bank of the river. We climb steeply over a rocky ridge towards Benkar (2,710m/8,891ft). From here, the trail continues alongside the river. Throughout this section of the trek, villages are interspersed with magnificent forests of rhododendron, magnolia, and giant firs. During both early autumn and late spring, the flowers in this part of the trek make it a beautiful walk. We cross the Kyashar Khola River and ascend out of the valley to Monjo (2,840m/9,315ft). Just beyond Monjo, the trek enters Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park, established in 1976 to protect an area of 1,148 square kilometers (445 square miles) surrounding Mt Everest. After passing the national park entrance station, the trail descends steeply and crosses the Dhud Kosi river on a 120-meter-long suspension bridge towards Jorsale (2,830m/9,285ft). As we continue crossing this river a few more times while ascending the valley, we will eventually reach Namche Bazaar (3,420m/11,220ft)

  • Best Local Sherpa Lodge & Hot Shower included
Meals included
  • Three Times Healthy Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Service Quality
  • Reliable Sherpa Guide & Honest Porter
Trek Duration
  • 5-6 hours

Today, we have an important day hike planned through the picturesque villages of Khunde and Khumjung for acclimatization. Gradually adapting to the increasing altitude is crucial for a safe and enjoyable journey.

We begin with a challenging ascent of about an hour to reach the Shyangboche airstrip at 3,790 meters (12,434 feet). Along the steep path, we encounter Chorten, significant stone Buddhist monuments in the region.

Continuing towards Khunde from Shyangboche in an eastern direction, we reach the largest village in the Khumbu area. Khunde, nestled at the base of the sacred peak Khumbila, provides an opportunity to immerse ourselves in Sherpa culture and enjoy a well-deserved lunch break.

Afterward, we descend via a steep switchbacking trail to Chhorkung at 3,540 meters (11,614 feet), offering panoramic Himalayan views. From there, it's a relatively quick descent back to Namche Bazaar, our final destination for the day.

For those acclimatized and physically fit, there is an option to trek to the THAME Sherpa Village and return to Namche, further exploring the stunning Himalayan terrain and Sherpa way of life.

Meals will be provided throughout, ensuring proper nourishment, and comfortable mountain lodges will be our accommodations. Prioritizing safety, we'll take necessary acclimatization precautions and listen to our bodies' needs.

Prepare for an extraordinary journey through the villages of Khunde and Khumjung, where natural beauty and cultural experiences await.

  • Best Local Sherpa Lodge & Hot Shower included
Meals included
  • Three Times Healthy Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Service Quality
  • Reliable Sherpa Guide & Honest Porter
Trek Duration
  • 5-6 hours

The trek offers breathtaking views of Everest (8,848 meters/29,029 feet) and Ama Dablam (6,812 meters/22,349 feet), showcasing their magnificence from this particular section of the trail. As we make our way, we pass by the charming settlement of Sanasa before descending towards Phunki Thanga (3,250 meters/10,663 feet). From there, the trail ascends steeply through lush forests and alongside mani stones, tracing the contours of a hill until we reach the saddle where the revered Tengboche Monastery stands proudly at an altitude of 3,870 meters (12,697 feet).

The panoramic vista from Tengboche is rightfully considered one of the world's most awe-inspiring. The majestic Himalayan giants paint the horizon, with Kwangde (6,187 meters/20,298 feet), Tawachee (6,542 meters/21,463 feet), Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse (8,501 meters/27,890 feet), Ama Dablam, Kantega, and Thamserku forming a captivating ensemble. Resting in the embrace of Tengboche village, we will spend the night here, embracing the tranquility of the surroundings. Throughout our stay, all meals will be provided, and we will enjoy comfortable accommodations in the welcoming Mountain Lodge.

Immerse yourself in the stunning vistas and serene ambiance, as you witness the grandeur of the Himalayas unfolding before your eyes.

  • Best Local Sherpa Lodge & Hot Shower included
Meals included
  • Three Times Healthy Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Service Quality
  • Reliable Sherpa Guide & Honest Porter
Trek Duration
  • 5-6 hours

After a memorable night in Tengboche village, we continue trekking towards Manju, a charming village nestled in the beautiful landscapes of the Everest region. This part of the journey combines natural beauty and cultural experiences.

Starting our descent from Tengboche, we pass through dense forests along the Dudh Koshi River. The trail winds through rhododendron and pine forests, creating a refreshing ambiance with bird songs and occasional wildlife sightings.

We cross suspension bridges adorned with prayer flags, believed to bring luck and ward off evil spirits. The trek takes us through picturesque valleys and terraced fields, where we observe locals tending to their crops and livestock.

Reaching Namche Bazaar (3,440 meters/11,286 feet), a bustling hub, we take a break to explore the colorful markets and enjoy a hot beverage in cozy teahouses. Continuing our descent, we pass villages like Jorsale and Monjo, showcasing local architecture with stone houses and prayer wheels.

Finally, we arrive at the peaceful village of Manju (2,835 meters/9,301 feet), situated at the entrance of Sagarmatha National Park. Here, we find tranquility to rest and reflect on our journey thus far.

In Manju, we settle into our accommodation, appreciating the warm hospitality of the locals. This allows us to recharge and contemplate the remarkable sights and experiences along the trail, eagerly anticipating future adventures.

The trek from Tengboche to Manju offers a captivating blend of natural beauty, cultural encounters, and an immersive experience in the Himalayan landscapes. It provides a profound connection with nature and the opportunity to witness the enchanting wonders of the Everest region.

  • Best Local Sherpa Lodge & Hot Shower included
Meals included
  • Three Times Healthy Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Service Quality
  • Reliable Sherpa Guide & Honest Porter
Trek Duration
  • 5-6 hours

Leaving Manju, we head towards Lukla, the gateway to Everest. The trail offers stunning landscapes, charming villages, and a sense of accomplishment. Descending through forests and alongside Dudh Koshi River, we cross adorned suspension bridges. The serene atmosphere created by the rushing river and lush greenery is captivating.

Passing small settlements, we witness Sherpa people's daily activities, feeling connected to their cultural heritage through warm smiles and greetings. The trail gradually descends, revealing glimpses of Himalayan peaks. Picturesque valleys with terraced fields and stone houses surround us, reminding us of our remarkable journey.

After hours of trekking, we reach Lukla (2,860 meters/9,383 feet), a vibrant town blending Sherpa culture and a buzzing trekking community. Here, we rest, celebrate, and reflect on our experiences. Exploring the town, visiting local shops, or relaxing in teahouses, we share stories with fellow trekkers.

The trek from Manju to Lukla is rewarding. It immerses us in Everest's natural beauty, lets us engage with local culture, and brings a sense of achievement. As we bid farewell to the mountains and leave Lukla, memories and appreciation for the landscapes and resilient Sherpa people accompany us.

  • Hotel Options: 3-Star Or 5-Star Hotels.
Meals included
  • Breakfast is included
Service Quality
  • Private, Comfortable, Vehicle Delivered.
Trek Duration
  • 5-6 hours

After bidding farewell to Lukla, we prepare for our flight back to Kathmandu. Lukla Airport, also known as Tenzing-Hillary Airport, is famous for its short and challenging runway, nestled amidst the mountains. We make our way to the airport, filled with a mix of excitement and nostalgia for the journey we have just completed.

The flight from Lukla to Kathmandu offers breathtaking aerial views of the Himalayas, including the majestic peaks we trekked through. As the small aircraft takes off, we soar above the picturesque valleys and snow-capped mountains, marveling at the beauty of the landscape below.

During the approximately 35-minute flight, we can catch glimpses of Mount Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, and other prominent peaks that have captured the imagination of mountaineers and adventurers for centuries. The panoramic vistas from the aircraft window serve as a final reminder of the awe-inspiring nature that surrounded us throughout our trek.

  • Hotel Options: 3-Star Or 5-Star Hotels.
Meals included
  • Breakfast is included
Service Quality
  • Private, Comfortable, Vehicle Delivered.

This additional night in Kathmandu serves as a safety net, offering peace of mind knowing that you have a cushion of time in case your flight from Lukla to Kathmandu is delayed. It is a proactive measure to ensure that your travel plans remain undisturbed and that you can continue your journey without any disruptions.

Moreover, this extra night stay in Kathmandu presents a wonderful opportunity to make the most of your time. You have the freedom to tailor your activities according to your preferences and convenience. Whether you wish to explore the vibrant markets and indulge in some souvenir shopping, immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the city, or take a leisurely stroll through the bustling streets, this day is entirely yours to enjoy at your own pace.

Furthermore, the inclusion of breakfast ensures that you start your day with a satisfying meal, providing you with the energy needed for any activities or excursions you choose to embark on. Whether you decide to write heartfelt postcards to your loved ones back home, visit local landmarks and temples, or simply relax and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of Kathmandu, this extra day enhances your overall trekking experience.

By offering this additional night stay in Kathmandu, we strive to provide you with a seamless and flexible trekking experience. It allows you to face any potential flight delays from Lukla to Kathmandu with ease, while also granting you the freedom to customize your itinerary and make the most of your time in this enchanting city.

  • Hotel Options: 3-Star Or 5-Star Hotels.
Meals included
  • Breakfast is included

As your unforgettable trekking journey in Nepal comes to an end, we ensure that your departure from Kathmandu is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. To make your transition from the city to the airport seamless, we arrange a private car transfer exclusively for you.

On the designated day of your departure, a comfortable private car will pick you up from your accommodation in Kathmandu. This personalized transfer ensures convenience and allows you to relax and reflect on the incredible memories you have made during your trek. 

The private car transfer takes you directly to the airport, ensuring a timely arrival for your homeward flight. You can rest assured knowing that your transportation needs are well taken care of, allowing you to focus on cherishing the experiences and accomplishments of your trekking adventure.

At the airport, you will proceed to the check-in counter for your flight, equipped with the memories of breathtaking landscapes, cultural encounters, and personal triumphs that defined your trek. The efficient airport services in Kathmandu ensure a streamlined process, making your departure swift and convenient.

As you board your homeward flight, you carry with you a sense of fulfillment, gratitude, and a deep connection to the natural beauty and warm hospitality of Nepal. The memories and experiences gathered during your trek will stay with you as cherished reminders of the remarkable journey you embarked upon.

With our commitment to providing a comprehensive and seamless experience, we ensure that your departure from Kathmandu marks the end of an incredible adventure while leaving you with a desire to return and explore more of this captivating country in the future.

Meals included
  • Breakfast is included
Service Quality
  • Private, Comfortable, Vehicle Delivered.
Date & Availability

Go with the right number of like-minded travellers to make new friends.

No specific dates avalilable for this package but you can still request a quote .

Private Everest View Trek: Unforgettable Journey with Loved Ones

Imagine waking up to the crisp mountain air, with the magnificent Everest standing tall in the distance. Your journey will be guided by experienced local Sherpas who intimately know the region and its secrets. They will share their knowledge, culture, and stories, adding depth and authenticity to your adventure. Along the way, you'll stay in carefully selected accommodations, including comfortable Sherpa lodges and handpicked hotels, ensuring your comfort and relaxation throughout the trekking experience.

The best part? You have the freedom to choose your own travel dates. Simply let us know when you would like to embark on this incredible adventure, and we'll take care of the rest. Our team will handle all the arrangements, ensuring that every aspect of your private trek is meticulously planned and executed.

Have a custom trek designed exactly to your interests

Walking Sticks

Our custom treks are like personalized, tailor-made suits for your travel needs. We design and arrange them based on your interests and requests, ensuring that your dream trip reflects your unique preferences and aspirations. Just let us know what your ideal adventure looks like, and we'll make it a reality for you.

As local Sherpa experts, we have an intimate understanding of the region, its hidden gems, and the best ways to explore them. With our in-depth knowledge and expertise, we can create unforgettable experiences for you and your specific group, all while working within your needs and budget. Your satisfaction and enjoyment are our top priorities.

Every aspect of your itinerary can be customized to fit your requirements. Whether you desire a different hotel accommodation, want to add or skip a city tour, adjust the trek length, or even have specific dietary preferences, we are here to accommodate your needs. Just click the button below to request a quote, and our team of experts will craft the best tailor-made program exclusively for you.

Inclusion Detail

Transports & Accommodations

  • We provide on-time airport pickup and drop-off services using a private car, welcoming you with a warm smile and handmade scarf/garland for a friendly beginning and conclusion to your journey.
  • Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu round-trip flight, including airport drop-off and pickup service.
  • Enjoy four comfortable nights in a centrally located city hotel with free local guide services to explore tourist and local markets.
  • We accommodate you for 6 nights in rooms equipped with attached bathrooms and hot showers for added comfort.

Meals & Drinks Included As Per Below

  • Four hygienic breakfasts in the city are included as per the itinerary.
  • Three meals per day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—will be provided throughout the entire trek, offering self-choice options for a delightful and nourishing trekking experience.
  • Unlimited warm beverages, such as tea, hot lemon, hot chocolate, or coffee of your choice, will be provided every day to keep you cozy throughout your journey.
  • We offer a warm welcome dinner with two options: you can either join dinner at our home with a Sherpa family, or you can choose to dine at a typical Nepali restaurant with a cultural dinner show.

All Activities & Entrance Fees

  • Pay and insurance for guide and support staff
  • Sagarmatha National Park entry permit fee
  • Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Entrance Permit
  • Half day Cultural tour in city including guide and driver
  • Entrance fees to historic sites, temples and monuments

Gear & Equipment

  • Complimentary T-shirt, Water bottle and walking pole
  • Sleeping bags and down Jackets if required
  • Duffel bag, Trek Map & group medical Kit
  • Pulse oximeter for oxygen saturation as well as heart rates
  • Hot water bag to warm your feet inside the sleeping bag

Best Sherpa Guide & Porters Will Be Provided

  • Responsible, truthful, friendly, and flexible Sherpa guides will be provided for the entire trek, ensuring your safety and an enjoyable trekking experience.
  • Hardworking and trustworthy porters will be provided (1 porter for 2 people) who will carry your luggage and take care of it throughout the entire trek.
  • All meals & lodging for sherpa guide during whole trek
  • All meals, equipment & lodging for porter during trek
  • Salary and insurance for guide,porter and support staff

Value Added Service (VAS) By MSTE

  • One hour of free special Ayurvedic massage will be provided at the end of the trek.
  • We offer free storage service for any extra luggage and provide assistance in obtaining a SIM card, as well as renting or buying necessary gears.
  • We offer a complimentary Local Market Guiding Service for our valued clients interested in purchasing souvenirs at both wholesale and local prices.


  • International Airfare and Nepal Visa fee
  • Travel insurance for emergency rescue and trip Cancellation
  • Lunch & Dinner in City ( approximately $ 5-10 Per Meal)
  • Any Alcoholic Drinks and deserts in Trek
  • Gratitude for Guide & Porter after end of trek

Extra Bills

  • Phone, internet & Battery Charges bills on trek
  • Unforeseen Cost such as Flight Delayed/cancellation

Latest Traveller's Reviews

Travel experiences of our clients who recently returned from their trips.

Mr. David Lioyd
Mar 07, 2024

Everest View Trek: 10/10 Experience with PD Sherpa!

Pre-trip Info
Value for Money
An absolutely outstanding experience: 10/10 for the Short Everest View Trek! Our Sherpa guide PD was beyond exceptional – his professionalism, energy and unwavering assistance were unparalleled. From the get-go, every detail from planning to execution was flawlessly coordinated, with communication at its finest. PD Sherpa transformed this journey into an unforgettable adventure, and my gratitude to him and Mountain Sherpa Trekking knows no bounds. Don't think twice – reserve this trip and request PD Sherpa. It's a decision you'll thank yourself for, guaranteed!

Would you recommend Mountain Sherpa Trekking to your friends?

I highly recommend Mountain Sherpa Trekking. Without a doubt, this company stands out as one of the best Sherpa companies in Nepal, particularly for private and personalized trek services. We were thoroughly impressed by their exceptional service.

What would you advice other travellers?

Book with a local Sherpa company for experienced guides, deepening your Everest region experience with insights into Sherpa culture.

Show more
Mandi Pryor
Feb 17, 2024

Everest View Trek: A Journey of Luxury, Comfort, and Expert Guidance with Mountain Sherpa

Pre-trip Info
Value for Money
The whole Everest view trek was so meticulously planned from start to finish. Our Sherpa guides, porters and all Staff were all incredible!! Our hotel before and after the trek was very luxury and centrally located, along the trek we are accomodated by Mountain Sherpa in best lodges, all lodegs where we stay was eqquiped with western toilet, hot shower and comfortable bed. Our Guide provided us enough food, they allow us to choose food from lodges menu as per our taste and the food was very hygine and deliciouse, We all didn't get sick and did our trek very enjoyable way.

A special Thanks to Mr. Migmar Sherpa, our Sherpa guides that gave us the best experience- they were so knowledgeable and friendly and helpful! Totally exceeded our expectations.

Would you recommend Mountain Sherpa Trekking to your friends?

We highly recommend this Sherpa company for any trek in Nepal. They are genuinely responsible and reliable.

What would you advice other travellers?

I highly recommend other travelers to engage in exercises such as hiking and training before embarking on a trek in Nepal.

Most memorable parts this Trip

The most enjoyable aspect of the Everest View trek was exploring Namche Bazaar and Sherpa villages such as Khunde and Khumjung. Additionally, the unforgettable experience of beholding the incredible views from Tengboche Monastery.

Show more
Nick Dalais
Nov 07, 2023

Everest View Trek: A Journey Beyond Words with Mountain Sherpa Trekking

Pre-trip Info
Value for Money
Embarking on the Everest view trek was an absolutely unforgettable experience. If you're in the contemplative stage of booking, I wholeheartedly urge you not to hesitate.

The trek presented itself as a journey of moderate challenge yet boundless reward. The Sherpa villages, the awe-inspiring views, and the genuine warmth of the Sherpa people we encountered along the route were nothing short of incredible. It's crucial not to underestimate the magnitude of this adventure, and my recommendation is to choose a responsible Sherpa company like Mountain Sherpa Trekking for an authentic and enriching experience.
Here's a piece of advice based on our journey: plan for a minimum of two nights in Kathmandu before the trek and an additional two nights at the journey's end. Ideally, extending this to six or seven nights allows you to fully absorb the beauty of the hike and explore the enchanting Sherpa villages like Namche, Khunde, and Khumjung. Those initial two nights in Kathmandu before the flight to Lukla prove invaluable for acclimating to the time change and recuperating from the long flight. The last two nights in Kathmandu post-trek offer a leisurely conclusion and a chance for some shopping. Moreover, having an extra day provides flexibility in case of flight delays due to weather.
The Sherpa team, under the guidance of Mr. PD Sherpa, flawlessly organized every aspect of the trek. The lodges along the route and the culinary experiences were of exceptional quality.
As a seasoned Sherpa company, Mountain Sherpa Trekking seamlessly orchestrated our entire journey – from the airport pickup to the Lukla flight, city hotel accommodation to lodge arrangements. Our holiday experience was nothing short of amazing.
Ultimately, the Everest View Trek with Mountain Sherpa Trekking became an absolute must-do on the adventure list. The meticulous planning, exceptional organization, and the chance to have the best Sherpa guides made it not just a journey but a truly remarkable and unforgettable experience. Massive thanks to the entire Mountain Sherpa Trekking team for making it all possible!

Why did you choose Mountain Sherpa Trekking?

I chose to book this trek with Mountain Sherpa Trekking because I found their itinerary to be well-designed, and they were a genuinely Sherpa-owned company.

Would you recommend Mountain Sherpa Trekking to your friends?

Mountain Sherpa Trekking & Expeditions is an absolutely outstanding Sherpa company that goes above and beyond to ensure that hikers get the best experience possible. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone.

What would you advice other travellers?

I would recommend fellow travelers to maintain a moderate walking pace, ensure an ample supply of water, and prioritize acclimatization. I highly recommend join this trek with a real Sherpa company to fully experience the authentic Sherpa culture.

Most memorable parts this Trip

The highlight of my trek was the delightful exploration of Namche, the Sherpa capital. The hike to Everest View Hotel provided a splendid opportunity to witness typical Sherpa villages such as Khunde and Khumjung.

Show more
Rosemary,Columbia City, Oregon USA Portland Community College
Sep 07, 2015

Wonderful Everest view trek

Pre-trip Info
Value for Money
As for my recommendation and experience, I would like to share this information with you. First, I will say that my guide and porter were wonderful, kind and caring. They were very attentive and eager to show me a good time in their country. Your guide and porter were wonderful and did their best. I enjoyed listening to them talk to each other and tried to pick up few words from their conversation.

I would like to travel with you again and would like to recommend your company to anyone interested to travel Nepal.

Thank you,
Rosemary Jeffrey

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Vital Information

Visa on Arrival:

A tourist visa can be obtained on arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu. The current fee for a multiple-entry visa valid for 15 days is USD $30. A multiple-entry visa valid for 30 days is USD $50. All fees are subject to change without notice and must be paid in cash in U.S. dollars. Carrying two passport-size photos is also recommended.

'On Arrival' visa procedure is very quick and simple. You can expect some queues during peak Tourist season. If you wish to skip those queues, you can also consider getting Visa from Nepalese Diplomatic Missions stationed abroad prior to your arrival. The choice is yours.

Once you arrive at the airport, please follow these simple procedures for Tourist Visa on Arrival.

1st Step:

Fill in ' Arrival Card '

Fill in the Online Tourist Visa form (you can fill it out prior to your arrival by visiting the official website of the Department of Immigration / fill it up using Kiosk machines upon your arrival at the airport). If you fill it in from the website, you will get a submission Receipt with a barcode, please print it out and bring it along for acquiring a visa. It works for fifteen days and becomes invalid then after. If so, you will have to fill it up again.

2nd Step:

Make payment at the bank according to your visa requirement (15/30/90 Days) Get the receipt

While you can use different modes of payments (at the visa fees collection counter), we advise you to carry some cash to be on the safe side.

3rd Step:

Proceed to the Immigration Desk with your online form, payment receipts, and your passport. Hand in your documents to the immigration officer for visa processing. He/she issues a visa to you upon his/her satisfaction.

On Arrival Visa Fee

15 Days – 30 USD

30 Days – 50 USD

90 Days – 125 USD


Nepal: Cash transactions can generally be made in either U.S. dollars or local currency. U.S.dollars should be recently issued bills in smaller denominations. Major credit cards are accepted mainly in the larger shops, hotels, and tourist category restaurants. Access to ATM machines is available in bigger cities like Kathmandu & Pokhara but is limited in rural areas.

Our Mount Everest View Trek Nepal includes four Nights Deluxe accommodations in Kathmandu at a comfortable and luxurious hotel. We have two different package options available as outlined below.

  • Our 3 Star Hotel Package start from $1199 USD Per Person only
  • Our 5 Star Hotel Package start from $1399 USD Per Person only


  • Sampada Garden Hotel- Located in peaceful area Lazimpat, Katmandu. 15-20 minute walk from Thamel
  • Mandala Boutique Hotel - This Hotel is located at Chhetrapati, just 3-5 minute walk from Thamel


  • Marriott Kathmandu - Located at Naxal, Kathmandu. Combine the modern design with local creativity
  • Yak and Yeti Hotel - Centrally located Luxury 5 star hotel in Kathmandu


6 Nights best Sherpa Lodge comfortable room with attached bathroom & hot shower where available. Among 6 nights, we will accommodate you 5 Nights room with an attached bathroom Lodge. Here are the lists of Places where rooms have attached bathroom options

  • Phakding (2,652m/8,700ft)- 2 Nights
  • Namche Bazaar (3440M/11,280ft) - 2 Nights
  • Lukla (2,860 M/9,380 ft.)- 1 Night

For the 4 Nights hotel in Kathmandu, single rooms are available at a supplementary cost.


Morning Breakfast between 6:30-8:00 AM

  1. Tea or Coffee, Hot chocolate, lemon tea, hot milk, or green tea
  2. Eggs items- Fried Eggs, Boiled Eggs, scramble eggs, Omelet,
  3. Bread items- Toast, Pancakes, Chapati & Tibetan Bread
  4. Porridge with Honey

Afternoon Lunch between 12:30 – 1:00 PM

  1. Nepal Dal Bhat, Curry with Rice, Pasta or Noodles item,
  2. Fried rice, fried Potatoes, Mo.Mo

Evening Dinner between 6:00-8:30 PM

  1. Garlic Soup Sherpa Stew, vegetable Soup, mixed Soup, Potato Shop
  2. Dal Bhat Tarkari – a soup of lentils with rice and a vegetable curry
  3. Fried potatoes with veg, MO. MO, fried Noodles, Pasta, mash potatoes with Cheese, etc

Drinking-Water during Everest View Trek

For many of us, the perfect choice may be to go for mineral water. After all, it’s sealed and safe to drink, plus it provides an income for the local traders – right? Regrettably, things are never quite that simple. Mineral water produces a vast number of knock-on problems for mountain societies.

While it does provide an income to local people it also generates an extraordinary, heart-breaking amount of waste and spoiling. Most places simply do not have the resources to do anything with the empty plastic bottles – and they burn them, releasing toxic gases into the air, or leave them in piles just out of sight of travelers, where they take more than 450 years to decompose.

Take, for example, Everest view Trek. The recommended amount of water intake on a high-altitude trek like this is 3-4 litters a day. The trek is 6 days long. That’s more than 20 litters and 20 plastic bottles, which won’t decompose until the year 2466 – per person.

For a full MST group of 12 people, just one trip will result in more than 240 mineral water bottles. And the salt in the wound is that plastic doesn’t decompose at high altitudes, so those 240 or more bottles will be up there forever. But what can you do? You have to drink, so how can you get around the problem?

The Alternatives: The great news is that there are really various options that will help you out of the bottled water trap. Here are just four of the best. All you have to do is pick which one is right for you.

Striped- Steripen is the most trusted model on the market. This technique uses exactly the same process as most mineral water undergoes before it is bottled. It’s UV filtering, exactly the same treatment as the majority of bottled water undergoes to be purified, but on the go. The technology has been around for much longer than you think, but it’s only recently been competitively priced enough to be on the market. SteriPen is an American company; other UV filters are also available.

Boiled water– This isn’t always an option if you’re out and about, but boiled water is an excellent option for safe drinking water on trek. Boiling the water kills any nastiness lurking there. It is the safest and most convenient option. Most lodges serve it, and it is great to ward off the cold. Prices range anywhere between NPR 50 and 120 per liter. This means the cost of drinking water will be around $20-$30 for a 6-day Everest view trek. Please note that 3-4 liters of fully boiled drinkable water are provided daily. Book our all-inclusive Mt. Everest View trek package for safe and hassle-free service. No hidden cost.

Purification tablets– Water refining tablets or chemicals like chlorine dioxide are frequently used. They are easy to carry and cheap to buy. However, they are not as effective as UV filters or boiled water and need a few hours to act. Besides these, LifeStraw and iodine-based treatments are also available but have their drawbacks.

Twin Otter aircraft is the usual mode of transport to and from Lukla. This service is fairly dependable, however, if in case your flight is canceled due to mountain weather conditions. In that case, Mountain Sherpa Trekking & Expeditions will charter a helicopter to ensure you are on schedule for your international flight connections.

The helicopters can fly if the visibility is 1500m, while the Twin Otter can fly if the visibility is 5000m as per the Civil Aviation Rules. The cost of the helicopter is payable directly to our Kathmandu office in the event that this service is utilized. US cash, traveler’s cheque, or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard & American Express only) are accepted. You will be given a receipt upon payment so that you may claim the amount from your travel insurance.

The minimum cost will be US$350 and the maximum US$650 depending on the number of group members. The maximum allowance for checked luggage on these flights is 15kg per person and 5kg for hand luggage. These limits are strictly adhered to so please pack carefully. Please note that approx. 5.5kgs of this weight will be taken up by the sleeping bag (2.5kg), down jacket (1.5kg), kit bag (1kg), and sleeping bag liner (0.5kg) that you are provided.


Our Everest view trek packages are all-inclusive but we advise that you budget between $200 and $300 for additional expenses on your trek including tips. We also suggest you plan on having extra money available in cash or on a credit card in case you require to book a helicopter in the event your flight is canceled.

Unforeseen cost due to flight cancellation, weather conditions, etc. You are responsible for extra hotel nights and meals in Kathmandu or Lukla that are a result of flight delays.

Nepal entry visa ($40 USD).


All the meals are included on the trek however we only include breakfast while you are in the city. you can budget $10-15 per day for lunch and dinner in Kathmandu.


Tipping is always appreciated and should be based totally on your satisfaction. Although it may not be customary to you, it is of considerable significance to the people who will take care of you during your trips.

Wifi, Batteries Charging, and hot Shower are also not included in the trek package. Wifi is available in some teahouses for $3 to $5 an hour. Hot Showers are also available in a few of the teahouses for between $4 and $6. You can also charge your electronic devices in the lodges and charging costs between $1 and $3 an hour.

Altitude Sickness:

If you trek to a high altitude without letting your body adjust to the new elevation, you may experience altitude sickness. Symptoms include headache and nausea. If you return to a lower elevation, your symptoms will likely go away without needing treatment. In severe cases, altitude sickness can be life threatening.

When we hike above 8,000 to 12,000 feet above sea level our bodies need to acclimatize to the decreasing amount of the oxygen available. You may have symptoms if you travel to a high altitude without giving your body time to adjust to less oxygen. Even if you’re physically fit, you can still experience altitude sickness.

Mountain Sherpa Annapurna sanctuary trek itinerary is carefully designed to avoid from altitude sickness. Over the years we have come up with the best itinerary to aid in the acclimatization process. Our trek itinerary is fully flexible & can modify on the spot if required.

Remember the trek to Himalaya is not a race. Even those in the best shape will suffer from altitude sickness when they race to the top of the mountain too quickly. Go slowly, it will give your body time to adjust to the mountain. However, during the acclimatization process, you may experience some of the following symptoms.

  1. Tiredness
  2. Minor Headache
  3. Troubled sleep
  4. Loss of appetite/nausea
  5. Shortness of breath
  6. Cough
  7. Palpitation
  8. Swelling of the hands and face

Each Person acclimatizes at different rates. Our best suggestion is to take your time and drink plenty of water. These symptoms may not indicate the onset of A.M.S. and if you experience them it does not necessarily mean that you should not continue. All our Sherpa guides have extensive first aid training and we request you to talk with the Sherpa guide at all times should you believe you have any symptoms in order that we can efficiently monitor your symptoms. The only cure for Acute Mountain Sickness is to descend.

You must remember that this is your holiday and you do not want to stress out about the possibility of getting sick from the mountains. Do everything slowly. Drink lots of water. And enjoy the Himalayas views. If anything does happen and you unfortunately get sick, let your guide know right away –Please note that your guide has ultimate responsibility and may ask you to descend if symptoms persist.

Travel insurance:

Travel insurance is necessary for any trip, but is mainly important when undertaking activities such as high altitude trekking in remote regions where medical facilities or assistance may not be close at hand. You’ll enjoy your adventure better with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the right insurance cover in place should a mishap occur. This can be anything from medical emergencies, trip cancellation, trip interruption, delays, lost or stolen luggage to a full helicopter rescue off a mountain.

Obtaining travel insurance before you leave home is strongly recommended. This way, if something happens, and this is rare, you will not be out of pocket a tremendous amount of money.Mountain Sherpa trekking will provide a letter and your invoice to submit to your insurance in this case to help expedite your processing.

Packing List Everest View Trek

The following checklist should help you with your packing. As a general rule, you should always try to keep the weight of your equipment to a minimum. The packed weight of your kit bag while trekking should be no more than 15 KG/33Lbs. Please note that this gear list is only a guide. Those are basic to bring the listed items, but you can decide from your desired brands using your expertise. Plus, you can shop the trekking gear and clothing at a good price at stores in Thamel, Kathmandu.


Upper Body - Head / Ears / Eyes

  1. Sun hat
  2. Headlamp with Fresh Batteries
  3. Wool or synthetic hat that cover the ears
  4. Sunglasses with UV protection
  5. Neck gaiter or bandana (for sun protection)
  6. Face Masks
  7. Sun protection (including total bloc for lips, nose etc.)


  1. Fleece/Wool Gloves

Core Body

  1. Base layer shirts
  2. Moisture-wicking long-sleeve t-shirts (1)
  3. Moisture-wicking short-sleeve t-shirt (optional)
  4. Fleece jacket or Warm windproof jacket with hood
  5. Synthetic sports bras (for women)
  6. Underwear (3-4 pairs)
  7. Sleeping bag

Lower Body – Legs

  1. Hiking Pants (Convertible, Quick-Dry, Lightweight) 1-
  2. Rain Pants (Lightweight, Waterproof, Breathable)- optional
  3. Gaiters (needed Dec-Feb)
  4. Long underwear


  1. Hiking boots with ankle support recommend
  2. Camp shoes or tennis shoes for lodge
  3. Hiking Socks (Synthetic or Wool) 2-3 pairs recommended

Food & Snacks

  • Snacks (combine protein & carbs for well-balanced energy)
  • Thermos (optional for hot beverages)
  • Re-hydration gels or powder


  1. Sunscreen, Lip balm with sunscreen
  2. Toilet Paper
  3. Soap
  4. Deodorant
  5. Toothbrush/toothpaste
  6. Razor (as needed)
  7. Shampoo
  8. Wet wipes
  9. Hand sanitizer
  10. Feminine hygiene products (as needed)
  11. Face lotion
  12. Hairbrush
  13. Hair ties

Other necessary important items:

  • Passport and extra passport size photos (2-4 copies)
  • Visa (these are easy to attain when you land in Kathmandu—bring $30 (15 Days) or $50 (30 Days) USD for Visa Application
  • Money ($200-300 cash is suggested—while there are occasional ATMs on the trail, they are almost always out of order)
  • Travel insurance- most recomended
  • Airline tickets (Please make a copy and leave one at our office in KTM just in case if you need to change the date of yours)
  • Durable wallet/pouch for travel documents, money & passport
  • Water bottles 1 Liter x 2 (we encourage re-filling water bottles rather than single use plastic)
  • Water purification Iodine tablets
  • Toilet paper (you can buy this in the lodges
  • Travel towel
  • Small padlock (to lock your kit bag)
  • Antibacterial hand wash

Additional Supplies

  1. Portable solar charger/power bank
  2. Book
  3. Journal/pen
  4. Playing cards

Basic First Aid Kit including: antiseptic cream, throat lozenges, diarrhoea treatment (Imodium), altitude (Diamox), painkillers, plasters and blister treatment, insect repellent, and re-hydration salts (Dioralite). Glucose tablets and multi-vitamin tablets are also a good idea


  1. Trekking poles – if you don't have poles,We can provide you complementary for trekking.
  2. Sleeping bag liner
  3. Pillowcase, Scarf or buff
  4. Swimwear (for the hotel pool in Kathmandu)
  5. Ear plugs (particularly if you are not the one snoring)
  6. Travel clothes
  7. Camera
  8. Pen-knife (remember to pack sharp objects in hold baggage)
  9. Repair kit – (eg. needle, thread, duct tape)
  10. Reusable cloth bag for shopping (to avoid plastic bags)


The Nepalese are still traditional and conservative in the way they dress. Hence to avoid discomfiture on both sides we advise that you respect this and do not wear revealing clothing or sleeveless tops while visiting Nepal. Shorts are acceptable, but they should reach to just above the knee and be modest and for women it is better to wear trousers or a long skirt.

Additional info:

As you pack for Everest Base Camp, remember that your gear will be separated into two packs: your daypack that you will carry each day as you trek, and your duffle bag which will be carried between tea houses by porters. All extra baggage (non- trekking items) can be store at the hotel before you start your trek. We provide you a free duffel bag in Kathmandu. You can use it to pack your essential trekking equipment. We provide one-porter services for two people. Porters will carry up to 25 kg - 30 Kg or 55-66 pound of your personal items. This must include your sleeping bag and down jackets. Therefor your duffel bag should not weigh more than 12 kg-15 kg or 26 pound to 33 pounds.


Daypacks can be any size for hiking, but we always recommend the smaller, the better. Around the 25l to 30l size is good for EBC trek. You need to carry your own backpack (with waterproof cover) where you can carry your daily needed items in your own backpack. For instance: Water bottle, Extra money for drinks, souvenirs & tips, sunhat, camera, important documents, toiletries, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, rain gear, music (iPhone) etc.

If you don’t have your own down jacket & sleeping bag, don’t worry. We will provide you 4 season sleeping bags and good down jacket with a hood for complementary use. Good quality sleeping bag and down jacket are most important for high altitude trek.


Everest view trek is a moderate Adventure Trek. But, a reasonable level of fitness is required. If you are relatively fit and don’t have time for a longer trek. This short Everest view trek in Khumbu would be an ideal option. There are few steep ascents and descents walking. So, this trek isn’t suitable for anyone with knee problems or weak ankles. Anyone with heart trouble or lung problems should check with their doctor. We suggest you do some physical fitness programs such as running, swimming, hiking before embarking on your journey.

We use standard rooms at quality hotels in Kathmandu with breakfast included. Along the Everest View trek routes, mountain lodges generally provide basic clean facilities with a mattress and a quilt or blanket. We can also offer you sleeping bags if needed (to be returned after the trip) but it is a good idea to always have your own sleeping gear. The lodges in trekking routes generally provide single and double rooms, or seldom a dormitory. At times when possible, dining will be around a bonfire. In tea houses, food will be prepared in the kitchen which you should not enter without permission. The toilet in tea houses provides essential and basic facilities and will be always outside the room.

Yes, they have all received 45-day training from the Hotel Management and Tourism Center in Nepal. The guides have also received high-altitude first aid training from KEEP (Kathmandu Environmental Education Project). Please check our Trekking Guides Profiles and Training Certificates. 

Our company insures all our trekking staff members, including guides, cooks, Sherpas, and porters. Please browse through Company Information pages to view insurance details.

That very much depends on how much use you intend to get out of it. Reasonable quality gear is available in Kathmandu for a fraction of the price of the real deal. We will help out you to find good standards gears in Kathmandu. You also rent out down gear and sleeping bags, which are the most sensible option if you don’t think you’ll be using them again for a while.

We advise you to keep the weight of your trek bag maximum of 15kgs. Usually, we provide 1 porter for 2 clients. However, if you request an extra private porter, we also can organize a private porter for you.

The hotel we use in Kathmandu has a securely locked room where you can store your extra belongings in a safe way. So, you can leave your extra things in Hotel safely or you can also leave your belongings at our office.

Whilst on the trek, our porter will take care of your luggage. All you need to carry is your small day bag for your personal belongings like a camera, water bottle, sun cream, etc only. Yes, we do provide you with duffle bags.

We ensure the travel safety of all our trekking guests, both male and female. Nepal, on the whole, is both very safe and welcoming of foreign visitors. We have longstanding, strong relationships with the lodges we frequent, and know them to be safe and reliable. In addition, our guides are consistently mindful of all guests' whereabouts while trekking. We travel in small groups, all the better to easily maintain continual contact

Once you have confirmed your booking, an advance deposit of 30 percent (30 %) of the "total trip Package” is required for 100% Confirmation. The deposit can be paid by Credit Card, or by bank Wire transfer. The remaining trek balance needs to be paid in Kathmandu on your arrival day. When we confirm your trek booking we will send you more details about how to pay the trek deposit. Please note that the trek deposit is non-refundable. However, you may postpone your travel date if incase required. Your deposit expires after 3 Years only. You can travel on any date within 3 years.

We boast a 100% success rate to date on our Annapurna Sanctuary trek, this is achieved because of our highly experienced local Sherpa guides & staff. We are a 100% local Sherpa-owned and operated Company in Nepal. Our entire guides & staff are 100% Local Sherpa people. “Sherpa’s are highly regarded as elite mountaineers and experts in their local area. They were immeasurably valuable to early explorers of the Himalayan region, serving as guides at the extreme altitudes of the peaks and passes in the region, particularly for expeditions to climb Mount Everest”

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us. You can e-mail us or you can call us or message anytime by WhatsApp /Skype. Please check the message us button on the website lower left corner.

Here are the top 7 reasons to book your Everest View Trek with Mountain Sherpa Trekking

01. Over 22 years of experience

02. Reliable and honest Local Sherpa guide

03. Expert Sherpa family own company

04. Flexible itinerary with the all-inclusive package

05. Clean accommodation and hygienic meals

06. Best Service and Price guarantee

07. Giving back to society

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