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Everest base camp trek difficulty

Everest base camp trek blog
Mountain Sherpa Admin
Jan 28, 2020

It is very essential to understand the Everest base camp trek difficulty level & preparation before you make a decision. People travel from all over the world want to reach Base camp of top of the word. Being well prepared is the key to a successful trek. Here we would give you short explanation about the difficulty level for Everest base camp trek & necessary tips for preparation.Everest base camp trek is neither difficult nor easy as each will have a different experience or prospect depending upon prior experience and fitness level. To enjoy your Everest base camp trek with less difficulty, you need to carry only your day backpack (5-7kg/10-14lbs) for approx 4-8 hours over 10-21km (6-13miles) each day. Your trek duffle bag will be carried by your porter for entire journey. Also our local Sherpa guide supports everyone to walk at their own pace, it is not a race and we want you to enjoy it. There is no stress to keep up with the fastest walkers and there is always a guide at the rear of the group.

A realistic level of fitness is required to conquer Everest base camp 5,364 meters /17,600 feet & Kala Patthar 5,600 meters/18,373 feet. Everest base camp trek would be difficult for even experience hikers if they do not prepare well before embark this journey. We recommend that you begin a daily walking rule 6-8 weeks prior to departure. You should steadily increase the distance that you walk, carrying a backpack.Staircase or hill-climbing will leave you better prepared. We recommend that you wear hiking boots, which provide firm ankle support. Walking poles are also suggested and available for hire in Kathmandu.

There is a general misunderstanding that you need to be great athletic to be able do trek to Mount Everest base camp. This is simply not true. In fact many fit people also struggle to reach the summit of Kala Patthar 5,600 meters/18,373 feet & Everest base camp somtimes because they don’t give themselves enough time to acclimatize properly on their way up.

Indeed, having a good level of health and fitness is important for anyone wanting to Everest base camp trek,but you don’t need to be an experience hiker! Everest base camp trek does not essentially need any mountain climbing skills. In fact, trek to Everest base camp is just long hiking each day. Given sufficient time the bodies acclimatize adapts to changes in altitude. Some people experience bad altitude sickness symptom than others. There is no link between probability to altitude sickness between factors of gender, age, fitness ect.

To plan for altitude it is most important that you recognize the symptoms associated with acute mountain sickness. It is highly recommended to follow advice from our expert local Sherpa guide. Well designed itinerary & expert local Sherpa guide will play the vital role to accomplish the Everest base camp trek with having minimum difficulty. Do not exert yourself. You will hear our Sherpa guides say “bistarai, bistarai”. This means ‘slowly, slowly’ in Nepali. Make sure you listen and go slow.

This trip is suggested to anyone, undeniably, Everest base camp trek is a once in a lifetime Journey.if organized by right people like .it would not be that difficult.We possess 99% achievement on this trek. This is accomplished because of our highly expert local Sherpa guides. As we are 100% local Sherpa Company in Nepal. Our entire guides & staff are 100% Local Sherpa people from Everest region.

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