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Why Luxury trekking in Everest Region is the perfect choice?

Trekking in Nepal
Mountain Sherpa Admin
Dec 14, 2021

Usually, most of the trekkers stay in normal lodges in Nepal during their treks in Nepal that is often called teahouse or Mountian lodge. There are also a small number of better quality mountain lodges called luxury lodges. luxury trekking in Nepal is only offered in Everest and Annapurna.

Of course,  luxury lodges deliver a better level of service compared to normal lodges. With our luxury trekking trip in Nepal. you will enjoy the scenery of the Himalayas in style. We arrange high-class lodges and provide a reliable level of service. The employees are welcoming and friendly. You will be well looked after throughout your stay at one of these comfortable lodges.

Hiking in Nepal has added a passion to trekkers, travelers, and nomads from across the world for many obvious reasons. You can trek for days in the spectacular landscapes of the Himalayas with constant backdrops of some of the highest peaks in the world. When talking about trekking in Nepal, it is notably Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek the two most dominant treks in Nepal. Besides, there are many wonderful hiking trails in the Annapurna region and Everest and beyond. The Everest region is considered the epitome of trekking with its epic trail to the top of the world. You can trek for days with the pleasure and sense of accomplishment of conquering the towering height to the base camp of the Mighty Everest and top of the world itself.

If you have limited time then you can join our 12 Everest Base Camp Trek Return back by helicopter. Which can be extended further as per the requirement/request. If you want to decide on the above 2 weeks of luxury trekking in the Everest region, we recommend our 17 Nights/ 18 days Luxury Everest Base camp trek. still, this 2 weeks luxury Everest base camp trek itinerary can be customized as per your needs.

If you would like to hike a part of the well-known sherpa Trail, taking in extraordinary views of Everest & surrounding mountains by helicopter above the mighty Himalayas then you can join our 7 days Everest Helicopter trek.

Luxury trekking is the key to idyllic and swanky adventure in the Himalayas. Here are some reasons why Luxury trekking is a perfect choice:

1. Timely pickup with private vehicle

One of the remarkable attributes of Luxury Trek is a timely pickup on a private vehicle. The luxury trek package incorporates the best available private vehicle for pickup and drops. The pickups are prompt and facilitate no sharing. On your arrival at the airport in Kathmandu, you will be greeted by one of the staff and will escort you to the designated hotel in private vehicles.

2. Best Luxury Hotel in City

The luxury trek is an opportunity to stay at the luxury lodges, hotels, and experience spectacular opulence. Generally, in the city, Luxury 5-star hotels offer a luxurious accommodations experience to the guest with amazing services, high-end, and first-class services by cheerful and knowledgeable staff. The room is adorned with high-quality furniture, aesthetic designs, and facilities from hanger to reading chair, table, comfy beds, full-length mirror, AC system, and literally everything. While in the Himalayas, luxury hotel merely has those facilities, but the remarkable features are that you will enjoy the typical Himalayan lifestyle, and needless to say, the spellbinding beauty of the world's six tallest peaks including Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, and Cho Oyu. You will trek with a secure knowledge that you will be accommodated in the best available lodges and teahouses in the Everest region.

3. Safe flight with reputed Airlines

Traveling around the world, thousands of miles away is never easy. With your pre-preparation, you have to make sure that every convenience is safe, especially the flight to/from the Himalayas. With the luxury trek in Everest you intend to do, rest assured that your flight covers and operates with reputed airlines in Nepal. The travel agency will arrange a suitable and safe flight in association with reputed airlines in the country.  

4. Expert and Honest Local Sherpa guide

Luxury trekking in the Everest region without an expert and honest local Sherpa guide is half-done. No doubt the trek will be worth it, but with a local Sherpa guide, you can experience the true essence of trekking. The local Sherpa guide will let you enjoy the nitty-gritty of the Himalayas. Sherpa people are also known as the "Mountain-Dweller." The majority of Nepali guides are Sherpa people with exceptional trekking and climbing skills. If you're trekking or climbing to the Everest region, chances are you will be doing it with Sherpas. And without Sherpas, there is no record of successful Everest summit and adventures; the history says it all. 

5. Good night sleep at Luxury available Lodge in Khumbu

As you ascend higher, the facilities are just a fantasy. The higher the altitude, the lower the amenities. Please make sure you are aware of it; the food and accommodation at a higher altitude are basic. And few lodges and teahouses are offering a luxury stay with the best available facilities in the Khumbu region. You will be staying at the best available lodge in Khumbu. 

6. Hygienic and healthy meals every day

Hygienic and Healthy meals are the main specialty of the luxury trek. Everything you eat during your trek is hygienic and healthy to ensure the quality as pledged and considered in the luxury trek style. The food available in the Everest region is typical Nepali food, including international (Tibetan, Indian) cuisine that offers but is not limited to apple pie, chocolate, chips, drinks, and pizza. The staple food, Dal Bhat, is quite popular among trekkers. Dal Bhat, soups, noodles, are the common food menu in the region. Throughout the trek, you will surely enjoy the meals, whether Nepali or continental food.

7. Safe Drinking Water

When it comes to drinking water in the Himalayas, especially the Everest region, it is imperative that you consume only safe drinking water. You can find water almost everywhere along the trekking trail of Everest, but it is highly recommended that you boil it before drinking or using a purification tablet. Safe drinking water is indispensable for your safety and sound health throughout the trek. However, the trekking agency will manage it for you.

8. All-inclusive package- No hidden Cost

The luxury trek is admittedly expensive and is an all-inclusive package. The trek entails all costs and guarantees no surcharges. Another perk of going for the luxury trek is that the tour operator will do all the legwork for you without any hidden fees.

9. Quality Service with the Best Care 

Luxury trek in Everest offers quality service with the best care. You will be served with the best service available in the city and the Himalayas as well. Best care here refers to your well-being from eating to sleeping, room services, and everything provided/served during the trek. The concept of a luxury trek is associated with quality service.  

10. Sherpa hospitality

Sherpa hospitality is a distinctive highlight of the luxury trek.  Everest region is home to Sherpas who are also known as elite mountaineers. On your trek to Everest, you will be accommodated in the local teahouses and luxury lodges owned by the Sherpa family. The overwhelming hospitality of Sherpa can be your best experience throughout the trek. They are praised for their mountaineering skills and generosity.

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