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My Everest Base Camp Trek experience with this Sherpa Company

Everest base camp trek blog
Mountain Sherpa Admin
Apr 10, 2023

My Everest base camp trek Experience 

We had an amazing experience with Mountain Sherpa Trekking during our Everest Base Camp trek. Their team was professional, knowledgeable, and provided excellent support throughout the entire journey. The breathtaking scenery, challenging yet rewarding trek, and the warm hospitality of the Sherpa people made it an unforgettable adventure. Highly recommended!

Embarking on the Everest Base Camp Trek with Mountain Sherpa Trekking & Expeditions (MSTE) was a dream come true for my brother and me. After weeks of anticipation, we finally arrived at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness as we were in a new country with limited knowledge about it, apart from what we had gathered from online sources.

As we exited the terminal, we were thrilled to see two people holding a banner with our names printed on it, representing MSTE. They greeted us warmly and drove us to our hotel, where we were impressed with the comfortable rooms. After freshening up, we took some time to rest before venturing out to explore the city. In the evening, we were treated to a welcome dinner with a mesmerizing cultural dance performance and traditional Nepali folk music, leaving us in awe of the rich local culture. We returned to our hotel, feeling grateful for the warm hospitality.

The next day began with an early start as we had a half-day guided sightseeing tour of Kathmandu city in a private vehicle, organized by MSTE. We visited two UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites - Swayambhunath and Boudhanath - which left us awe-struck with their stunning architecture and spiritual significance. In the afternoon, with the assistance of our MSTE guide, we did some gear shopping to ensure we were well-prepared for the trek. MSTE provided us with essential items such as a duffel bag, down jacket, and sleeping bag, and helped us pack appropriately. After an early dinner, we hit the bed early, knowing that we had an early morning flight the next day.

The following day was a bit challenging as we were not accustomed to waking up early. However, the breathtaking experience of flying in a small plane from Kathmandu to Lukla changed our perspective. The panoramic views of the mountains from the window were awe-inspiring, making the 30-minute flight an unforgettable experience. Landing at the Tenzing-Hillary Airport in Lukla was a bit nerve-wracking due to the airport's unique geographical location, but our skilled pilot safely landed the plane, and we were greeted by our Sherpa guide and porter arranged by MSTE.

Our trek to Phakding began with our trekking guide, porter, and other group members. The three-hour walk from Lukla took us through dense pine and rhododendron forests, adding to the natural beauty of the trail. We arrived at Phakding early in the day, and our designated lodge, pre-booked by MSTE, welcomed us with its cozy rooms and delicious food. The short hike on the first day was intentional to help our bodies acclimatize to the altitude. After an early dinner, we retired to our beds, feeling tired yet exhilarated by the adventures of the day.

Our Everest Base Camp Trek had just begun, and we were already captivated by the stunning landscapes, warm hospitality, and efficient arrangements by MSTE. We eagerly looked forward to the days ahead, filled with more adventures, challenges, and memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Our fourth day on the trek began with an early start, as we had retired to bed early the previous night. After breakfast, we were greeted by our guide and porter, and we set off on our trail to Namche Bazaar. The path ran alongside the gushing Dudh Koshi river, winding through pine forests and crossing multiple suspension bridges. As we hiked, we were treated to breathtaking views of Mt. Thamserku and Mt. Everest peeking over the Lhotse-Nuptse ridge, among other majestic peaks of the Khumbu region. The vistas were simply awe-inspiring.

We made our way uphill, and after about six hours of trekking, we finally arrived at Namche Bazaar. The sight of the village nestled amidst the mountains was truly mesmerizing. The village was bustling with other tourists who were also on their way to Everest Base Camp. We checked into our mountain lodge, and after resting for a while, we ventured out to explore the village. The quaint charm of Namche Bazaar, with its traditional buildings and vibrant local culture, captivated us. We had a delicious dinner and turned in early, eagerly anticipating the next day's journey.

On the fifth day, our guide woke us up early. It was an acclimatization day, a crucial part of our trek to help our bodies adjust to the change in altitude and prevent altitude sickness. Contrary to popular belief, acclimatization day does not mean complete rest. After breakfast, we hiked up to the famous Everest View Hotel, situated at the highest altitude, to catch a glimpse of Mount Everest and Ama Dablam. The panoramic views from the hotel were simply breathtaking, and we were in awe of the world's tallest peak.

We also visited the monastery at Khumjung, where we were amazed to see the only Yeti skull in the world. We explored the nearby village of Kunde and even visited the Edmund Hillary hospital. Our guide helped us check our gear for the upcoming trek in the evening. After a hearty dinner, we turned in early, brimming with excitement for the imminent journey to Everest Base Camp.

The next day, we set off for Tengboche after breakfast. We trekked uphill, enjoying the stunning views of Thamserku, Lhotse, Nuptse, and Ama Dablam. The initial climb was steep, but it gradually leveled out. After four hours of hiking, we arrived at Tengboche, famous for its century-old monastery. Our tour operator had booked a cozy tea house for us, where we rested for a while before exploring the monastery and the village. The serene ambiance of Tengboche left us spellbound as we soaked in the local culture and traditions. We spent the night at the tea house, feeling grateful for the incredible experiences of the day.

The seventh day of our trek took us to Dingboche after breakfast. We hiked along the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas, passing through rhododendron forests and traversing up and down trenches. We reached Debuche before finally arriving at Dingboche. The reduced level of oxygen in the air was palpable by now, and our guide and porter diligently monitored our health status on the trail. They also regaled us with stories about the local culture and traditions, leaving us awe-struck by their knowledge and skills. We checked into a tea house in Dingboche, a beautiful village in the Khumbu region, and felt the first symptoms of mild altitude sickness. However, our guide promptly provided us with medication, and we rested in our rooms, eagerly anticipating the next day's adventure.

Day eight was designated as an acclimatization day, but we were not meant to rest idly. Our guide took us on an incredible excursion to Nagarjuna peak, situated at an elevation of 5100 meters. The panoramic views of Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Cho Yu, Cholatse, and Taboche were simply breathtaking. We returned to our lodge in the afternoon, had our lunch, and stayed overnight, feeling thrilled and energized for the upcoming journey to Everest Base Camp.

As we trekked from Dingboche to Lobuche on the 9th day, the landscape changed dramatically, with the terrain becoming steeper and more rugged.

Along the way, we came across a poignant sight - the memorial Chorten and stupas dedicated to the brave souls who lost their lives while attempting to conquer Mount Everest. It was a stark reminder of the challenges and risks that come with climbing the world's tallest peak. Despite the thinning air and my mild headache from the altitude, our experienced tour guide provided medication to help me cope, and I was grateful for their expertise.

After reaching Lobuche, we checked into a cozy tea house and rested in our rooms, eager for the next day's adventure - reaching Everest Base Camp. We set out early in the morning on the 10th day, and the initial part of the trail was relatively flat. However, as we gained altitude, the landscape transformed into a surreal world of ice and rock.

We hiked slowly and steadily alongside the Khumbu Glacier, taking in the breathtaking views of majestic mountains shrouded in pristine snow. Finally, after hours of trekking, we arrived at Everest Base Camp, standing at the closest point to the world's highest peak. The sense of accomplishment and awe was overwhelming as we gazed at the sacred mountain that had captured our childhood dreams.

The trail to Everest Base Camp was challenging, with rocky, sandy, and undulating terrain, navigating the Khumbu Glacier and Khumbu icefall. But the reward of witnessing the awe-inspiring sight of the mighty Everest up close was beyond words. We spent precious moments at the base camp, soaking in the atmosphere, and feeling an indescribable sense of pride for our accomplishment.

As the day turned to dusk, we made our way back to Gorak Shep, where we checked into a cozy tea house and spent the night, relishing the memories of our incredible journey to Everest Base Camp. It was a day that would forever be etched in our hearts, a testament to our determination and the raw beauty of the Himalayas.

The 11th day of our epic trek to Everest Base Camp was a day we had been eagerly anticipating. We had to wake up at the crack of dawn, bundling up in multiple layers of clothing to brave the freezing cold as we embarked on our climb to witness the sunrise over the majestic Everest. With our trusty head torches lighting the way, we set off from our camp at 4:30 am, filled with excitement and trepidation.

The challenges we faced on that day were unlike any we had experienced before. The thin air at high altitude made every step a struggle, sapping our energy with each breath. I was on the verge of giving up, but our experienced tour guide, a true Sherpa, motivated and supported me, urging me to keep going. With sheer determination, we pushed ourselves, taking breaks whenever needed, and finally reached the summit of Kala Patthar.

The effort was worth it as we were rewarded with a breathtaking sunrise over the mighty Everest and other towering peaks. The sight left us in awe, and we captured as many photos as we could to cherish the memories forever.

After descending from Kala Patthar and enjoying a hearty breakfast, we made our way to Pheriche. Fueled by the excitement of being so close to the world's highest mountains, I found a renewed surge of energy and raced ahead, leaving my fellow trekkers behind. The beauty of the landscape with juniper and rhododendron trees lining the hillsides was a sight to behold, and we spent the night at a cozy tea house in Pheriche, relishing the experience.

The next day, we descended further to Namche Bazaar, retracing our steps on the same path we had taken on our way up. The journey was easier on our legs, and the blocked noses from the high altitude started to clear up. We reached Namche Bazaar and spent the night at a mountain lodge, reminiscing about the incredible adventure we had undertaken.

On the 13th day, we set off from Namche Bazaar towards Lukla, the place where our journey had begun. The trail seemed less arduous while going downhill, and we made good time, reaching Lukla in about 7 hours. The hot shower at our guest house in Lukla was a blissful experience, washing away the fatigue and soreness from our bodies. We had a final celebratory dinner with our Sherpa guide and porters, who had become like family during our trek. We danced, drank and followed the Sherpa tradition to mark our successful journey to Everest Base Camp.

The next day was reserved as a contingency day in case of flight cancellations from Lukla to Kathmandu due to weather conditions. Fortunately, our flights were on schedule, and we spent the day exploring the vibrant city of Kathmandu, indulging in some souvenir shopping and reflecting on our incredible adventure.

The day had come to bid farewell to Nepal and head back home. Our tour operator arranged a smooth transfer to the airport, and we expressed our heartfelt gratitude to them for their excellent arrangements throughout our trek. Mountain Sherpa Trekking and Expeditions had exceeded our expectations, providing us with experienced Sherpa guides and porters who had been our pillars of support on the challenging journey. Their expertise and guidance had made our trek a success without any hiccups.

As we boarded our flight, we looked back at the memories we had made, the breathtaking vistas we had witnessed, and the challenges we had overcome. Our trek to Everest Base Camp had been a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, filled with unforgettable experiences, and we were immensely grateful for the opportunity.

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