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Everest Base Camp Trek tea houses

Everest base camp trek blog
Mountain Sherpa Admin
Jan 19, 2038

When people search for Everest Base Camp Trek, they look out for itinerary and accommodations on the trek. At Kathmandu, we have options for every type of hotel, but on the trekking trail, we stay at Tea House Lodges.

Tea Houses are the best possible accommodation available on the Everest Base Camp Trek route, which provides you the pay as you stay approach. They offer basic accommodation facilities on the trail for the trekkers and are often run by a family and help to support the tourism on the trail.  

It's a welcoming thing to stay in a teahouse on the trekking trail of Nepal. Offering tea is a hospitality thing in Nepal and it’s where the name Tea House really comes from. One of the best things about trekking with Mountain Sherpa Trekking expedition is that we pick the best Tea House lodges on the trail.

Staying in the teahouse is of great pleasure on the trekking trail. Most of the trekkers from abroad and even local choose to stay at Teahouses on the trail of EBC. The EBC trail has a good number of teahouse lodges with the increase in the number of trekkers and growth of the trekking industry in Khumbu region.

Everest Base Camp Trek  Tea Houses Accommodation and Facilities:

Tea Houses provide cozy and comfortable stay on the trail, which gives you the homely feeling. The teahouses on the EBC trail varies in price and quality according to the accommodation and additional features they provide. The Tea Houses at lower valleys are equipped with more facilities than the Teahouses at the upper valley. At lower valley, the tea houses offer fully equipped rooms with electricity, attached toilet with hot/cold shower while the facilities are quite basic at the higher altitude.  

Let's Learn About The Everest Base Camp Tea Houses Offering in Details:

Rooms : The rooms of the teahouses on the trail are simple yet clean and functional. The rooms are mostly twin sharing basis with a single bed covered with sheets. You also get pillows, blankets, and a table and ceiling light for the lighting and reading purpose.

The rooms are quite cozy, but there is no heating option available in the room. You can warm yourself with the wood fire, which is kept in the dining area of most of the teahouses.

Most of the trekkers get their own sleeping bags to tackle the cold nights and even for hygienic reasons. But you do not need to worry about it; we will provide you with the quality sleeping bag for the Everest Base Camp Trekking, which will keep you warm at night in the Tea house.

Foods :Most of the teahouses these days provide you with multiple options of beverages and food menu to choose from. The price of the snacks and drinks goes high with the increase in elevation. The most common food you will get for lunch and dinner at every teahouse is Dal Bhat (Rice & Lentils) which is also the national food of Nepal. You will have boiled egg, omelets, bread, or chapatis for breakfast.

Some teahouses even serve vegetable pizzas, basic cheese, garlic soup, and omelets. You can also get chicken of beef at every teahouse if you prefer to eat vegetarian. But we recommend you not to eat meat items after Namche Bazar on the trail.

Toilets & Showers: The toilets at the lower valleys at most of the tea houses are of western styles, but as you move higher in the mountains, you will find squat style toilets. There is quite a basic type of toilet facilities available at the higher elevations. Also, the toilets at teahouses do not have toilet paper, so you need to arrange the toiletries yourself.

Also, the cold showers are free while the hot showers are chargeable at teahouses on the trail. The price of the hot shower costs around 1-3 USD depending on the altitude.

Wifi Connectivity: Most of the teahouses have got internet connectivity and provides Wi-Fi hotspots at a charge. The wifi may not be as fast as you find in cities, but it will help you to send some texts back to home and even upload the pic.

Furthermore, if you want to keep connected yourself to the Internet, you can get a prepaid Data Sim Card. You can get an Ncell Data Sim card, which will provide you a high-speed data connection in the Everest region.

Charging Points: Every teahouse has electricity access to for the purpose of lighting and for charging the electrical gadgets. But you should keep in mind that the charging plug won’t be available in your rooms. The charging plugin is available in the common area of the tea house and is generally charged between 3-5 USD for charging a device. Also, the charging points are limited and charging points are often occupied. Hence, use your gadgets wisely.

Cost: The price per night at the tea houses varies depending upon the elevation where the tea house is located. The cost of the rooms is most affordable while the food pricing is quite high on the trail. You can get the cheapest Tea house at around 7-10 USD. The price would go up with luxury and facilities of the tea houses.

Things to Consider at Everest Base Camp Trek Tea Houses

It is recommended to trek via the travel agencies to ensure of staying in the best Tea Houses as they would book the tea house in advance. Also, you need to reach the tea house before 7 AM as there would still be food available. Also, the transportation of food is costly and difficult affairs to the heights so finish whatever you take in your plate.

The hygiene of the tea houses are not so popular, so it is better to get your own pillow cover and sleeping bag. Also, try to skip the meat items in your diet to have a happy and comfortable trek.It is recommended to book the accommodation early if you are planning a solo trek as the good tea houses would be filled early.

We also have luxury lodge trekking package options for Everest base camp trek. Our Luxury Everest base camp Trek is an exclusive VIP program with an English-speaking expert Sherpa guide and personal support during the trek.

If you have any further questions about Everest Base Camp Trek, any other trekking expeditions in Nepal, please feel free to Contact us

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