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Everest Base Camp Trek tea houses

Everest base camp trek blog
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Jun 05, 2023

When people search for Everest Base Camp Trek, they look out for itinerary and accommodations on the trek. At Kathmandu, we have options for every type of hotel, but on the trekking trail, we stay at Tea House Lodges.

Embarking on the Everest Base Camp (EBC) trek is an adventure of a lifetime, and along the way, the Tea Houses provide an unforgettable experience for trekkers. These rustic yet charming accommodations, often run by Sherpa families, offer a unique "pay as you stay" approach that adds to the authenticity of the trek.

The warm hospitality of the Sherpas is evident from the moment you step foot in a Tea House. As you are greeted with a steaming cup of tea, you feel instantly welcomed and embraced by the local culture. Tea is not just a beverage in Nepal; it is a symbol of hospitality and friendship. The name "Tea House" truly reflects this tradition and the warmth with which trekkers are received.

The Tea Houses along the EBC trail provide not only a place to rest and rejuvenate, but also an opportunity to connect with the local community. Sherpa families take pride in running these lodges and offer comfortable accommodation facilities to trekkers. You can immerse yourself in the local way of life, learning about Sherpa culture, customs, and traditions through interactions with the friendly hosts.

One of the highlights of staying in a Tea House is the chance to savor delicious local cuisine. Sherpas are known for their culinary skills, and Tea Houses serve up a variety of traditional dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. From momos (dumplings) to dal bhat (lentil curry with rice), you can indulge in authentic Himalayan flavors and experience the local cuisine at its best.

Tea Houses also play a crucial role in supporting the local tourism industry. As the number of trekkers has increased over the years, the growth of the trekking industry in the Khumbu region has been accompanied by the development of more Tea House lodges along the EBC trail. By choosing to stay in these lodges, you are contributing to the local economy and directly supporting the Sherpa community.

The cozy ambiance of Tea Houses, with their traditional decor and stunning mountain views, adds to the overall charm of the EBC trek. After a day of trekking through awe-inspiring landscapes, there's nothing better than relaxing by the fireplace in a Tea House, sipping hot tea, and sharing stories with fellow trekkers from around the world. It's a unique and memorable experience that makes your EBC trek even more special.

Overall, staying in Tea Houses along the EBC trek route is a delightful and immersive experience that offers trekkers a taste of Sherpa culture, warm hospitality, and an opportunity to support the local community. The combination of comfortable accommodation, delicious cuisine, and welcoming hosts makes Tea Houses an integral part of the EBC trek and a highlight of the journey.

Everest Base Camp Trek  Tea Houses Accommodation and Facilities:

Tea Houses provide cozy and comfortable stay on the trail, which gives you the homely feeling. The teahouses on the EBC trail varies in price and quality according to the accommodation and additional features they provide. The Tea Houses at lower valleys are equipped with more facilities than the Teahouses at the upper valley. At lower valley, the tea houses offer fully equipped rooms with electricity, attached toilet with hot/cold shower while the facilities are quite basic at the higher altitude.  

Rooms :

The teahouses along the trail are a welcome respite for weary trekkers on their journey to Everest Base Camp. These humble abodes offer simple yet clean and functional rooms that provide a comfortable resting place after a long day of trekking. The rooms are mostly twin sharing basis, with a single bed covered with clean sheets that are changed regularly to maintain hygiene standards.

While the rooms may be basic, they are cozy and well-maintained. You will find pillows, blankets, and a table with a ceiling light for your lighting and reading needs. However, it's important to note that there is no heating option available in the rooms. But fret not, as most teahouses have wood fires in the dining area where you can warm yourself and gather around with fellow trekkers, creating a cozy atmosphere and fostering camaraderie.

To further ensure your comfort during the chilly nights, we provide quality sleeping bags for your Everest Base Camp trekking adventure. These sleeping bags are designed to keep you warm and snug, even in the coldest of nights. They are also meticulously cleaned and maintained to ensure hygiene standards are met.

In addition to the sleeping bags provided, many trekkers also bring their own for personal preference and hygiene reasons. It's always a good idea to have a reliable sleeping bag that suits your needs for a comfortable night's sleep in the mountains.

So rest assured, while the teahouse rooms may not have heating options, you will be well taken care of with clean and cozy accommodations, quality sleeping bags, and the warmth of a wood fire in the dining area to keep you comfortable during your Everest Base Camp trekking adventure.

Foods & Drinks:

Teahouses in Nepal are a haven for trekkers, offering a much-needed respite from the rugged trails and high altitudes. These humble establishments serve as a vital source of sustenance, providing a range of options for food and beverages to replenish weary hikers. As you ascend in elevation, the prices of snacks and drinks may increase due to the challenging logistics of transporting goods to remote mountain regions.

One of the most common and beloved dishes you'll find at teahouses is Dal Bhat, which is the national food of Nepal. Dal Bhat consists of a generous serving of steamed rice accompanied by lentil soup, vegetables, and sometimes a small portion of meat, typically chicken or goat. This hearty and nutritious meal is a staple for many trekkers, providing the necessary carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins needed for energy and recovery.

For breakfast, teahouses often offer options like boiled eggs, omelets, bread, or chapatis (a type of flatbread). These simple yet satisfying dishes are perfect for fueling up before hitting the trail in the morning. Some teahouses may even offer variations like vegetable pizzas, basic cheese, garlic soup, and omelets with various fillings, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

It's worth noting that as you trek higher into the mountains, it's recommended to avoid meat items after Namche Bazaar, a popular stopover point on the Everest Base Camp trek. This is because the remote areas beyond Namche Bazaar lack proper refrigeration facilities, which may compromise the freshness and safety of meat products. Therefore, many teahouses in these higher altitudes primarily serve vegetarian options to ensure the health and well-being of trekkers.

In addition to food, teahouses also offer a variety of hot and cold beverages to quench your thirst and warm you up in the chilly mountain weather. You can expect to find an array of teas, including the famous Nepali milk tea, also known as "chai," as well as herbal teas, coffee, hot chocolate, and soft drinks. These beverages not only provide hydration but also offer a much-needed boost of warmth and comfort during the cold mountain nights.

It's important to keep in mind that teahouses in remote mountain regions operate under challenging conditions, with limited resources and facilities. Despite this, they strive to provide nourishing meals and drinks to cater to the needs of trekkers. Meals are typically prepared using locally sourced ingredients, and teahouse owners and staff work tirelessly to ensure that trekkers are well taken care of and have a pleasant dining experience.

In conclusion, teahouses in Nepal are an integral part of the trekking experience, offering a diverse range of food and beverages to replenish and refuel trekkers on their journey. From traditional Dal Bhat to breakfast options like eggs and bread, and even some international dishes, teahouses strive to cater to the varied tastes and dietary requirements of trekkers. While meat options may be limited in higher altitudes, the warm hospitality and nourishing meals provided by teahouses make them a cherished aspect of the trekking culture in Nepal.

Toilets & Showers: 

The toilets at the lower valleys at most of the tea houses are of western styles, but as you move higher in the mountains, you will find squat style toilets. There is quite a basic type of toilet facilities available at the higher elevations. Also, the toilets at teahouses do not have toilet paper, so you need to arrange the toiletries yourself.

Also, the cold showers are free while the hot showers are chargeable at teahouses on the trail. The price of the hot shower costs around 1-3 USD depending on the altitude.

Wifi Connectivity & Electricty:

Teahouses in the Everest region have embraced renewable energy sources and many now use solar panels as a reliable source of electricity. Most teahouses also offer WiFi and charging outlets for trekkers, but it's important to note that as you ascend higher in altitude, the cost for charging your devices may increase, or may even be unavailable in some remote areas. It's recommended to carry your own power backup, such as power banks, to ensure you have enough power for your devices throughout the trek.

While WiFi hotspots are available in some teahouses and lodges in the lower elevations, particularly up to Namche Bazaar, as you ascend further along the Everest trekking trail, internet services may become limited and have to purchase data pack.

Everest Link is a popular internet service provider in the Everest region of Nepal, and they offer data packs that can be purchased for internet access. These data packs can typically be purchased at Namche Bazaar or other locations in the Khumbu region, and they may have different pricing options and data limits depending on the package chosen.

It's important to note that the availability, coverage, and pricing of internet data packs from Everest Link or any other provider may change over time, and it's best to check with local sources or the official Everest Link website for the most up-to-date and accurate information on their internet services and data pack offerings.

Furthermore, if you want to keep connected yourself to the Internet, you can get a prepaid Data Sim Card. You can get an Ncell Data Sim card, which will provide you a high-speed data connection in the Everest region.

Charging Points: 

Every teahouse has electricity access to for the purpose of lighting and for charging the electrical gadgets. But you should keep in mind that the charging plug won’t be available in your rooms. The charging plugin is available in the common area of the tea house and is generally charged between 3-5 USD for charging a device. Also, the charging points are limited and charging points are often occupied. Hence, use your gadgets wisely.


The price per night at the tea houses varies depending upon the elevation where the tea house is located. The cost of the rooms is most affordable while the food pricing is quite high on the trail. You can get the cheapest Tea house at around 7-10 USD. The price would go up with luxury and facilities of the tea houses.

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Why our Everest base camp trek package is special ?

We are thrilled to extend to you a warm invitation to join us on an unforgettable journey in the majestic Himalayas. At our carefully selected lodges, we prioritize your comfort and well-being, ensuring you have a hassle-free and rejuvenating experience throughout your trek.

Starting on day 3 of your trek, you will be accommodated in the picturesque village of Phakding, nestled at an altitude of 2,652 meters. Here, you can unwind in a cozy private room equipped with an attached bathroom and hot shower, providing you with the perfect respite after a long day of trekking.

Days 4 and 5 of your adventure will be spent in the vibrant Namche Bazaar, a bustling market town located at an altitude of 3,440 meters. Here, you can explore the town, acclimatize to the altitude, and rest in a lodge that offers private rooms with attached bathrooms and hot showers, ensuring your comfort and well-being during your stay.

Continuing your journey, on day 6, you will be accommodated in the serene village of Deboche, situated at an altitude of 3,820 meters. Here, you can unwind in a comfortable room equipped with an attached bathroom and hot shower, while enjoying awe-inspiring views of the surrounding mountains.

Days 7 and 8 will be spent in the picturesque village of Dingboche, located at an altitude of 4,400 meters. In our carefully selected lodge, you can relax and rejuvenate in private rooms with attached bathrooms and hot showers, providing you with the much-needed comfort after your trekking endeavors.

As you ascend further on your trek, on day 11, you will reach Pheriche, a charming village situated at an altitude of 4,371 meters. Here, you can rest and rejuvenate in a comfortable room equipped with an attached bathroom and hot shower, helping you to revitalize after a challenging day of trekking.

On day 12, you will return to Namche Bazaar, where you will once again be accommodated in a lodge that offers private rooms with attached bathrooms and hot showers, ensuring your comfort and relaxation as you retrace your steps.

Finally, on day 13, you will reach Lukla, where you can enjoy a well-deserved rest in a lodge that offers private rooms with attached bathrooms and hot showers before your return to Kathmandu.

In addition to your trekking adventure, we also offer four nights' accommodation in Kathmandu, with the option of single rooms available at an additional cost. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a comfortable and memorable experience, taking care of your needs every step of the way.

Join us for an unforgettable journey, where you can immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of the Himalayas while enjoying the comfort and convenience of our carefully selected lodges. We look forward to welcoming you on this incredible adventure!

At Mountain Sherpa Trekking, we have 25 years of expertise in organizing treks to Everest Base Camp and beyond. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing exceptional service, personalized attention, and expert guidance. With our extensive experience and local expertise, we offer insider tips and recommendations to enhance your trekking experience, including insights into the local culture, history, and environment. Our English-speaking Sherpa guides are experienced mountaineers and passionate storytellers. We take care of all the logistics, ensuring you can focus on enjoying the beauty of the Himalayas and creating lifelong memories. Contact us now to make your dream trek a reality with Mountain Sherpa Trekking.


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