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Tibet, Tibet is beautiful

Tibet has long been known as the Roof of the world. It is in the south western part of China bordering India, Bhutan, Sikkim Nepal. The region is full of spectacular skylines of majestic mountain peaks, breathtaking canyons, scattered highland lake, rolling pasture & farm land & pristine forests. The population of the region consists mostly of Tibetans, Monbans & Lhobans cultivating for centuries very unique ethnic traditions & glorious cultures unseen any where else. This is a land of enduring enchantment & tantalizing mystery.

For centuries, Tibet has fascinated mankind. This land beyond the mighty Himalayas on the highest plateau of the world, was hardly accessible to the outside world. Maya Holidays, a leading Tibet tours & treks operator offers its various fascinating packages for you to experience & make that one dream that you have always cherised -to come true.

First & foremost, all visitors traveling to Tibet are kindly requested to have the understanding that Tibet being extremely remote & isolated by the formidable Himalayan ranges still remains one of the most captivating but least developed parts in the world. Within its very short history of tourism the facilities provided to visiting tourists are still at basic and limited scale. So the visitors are requested not to have high expectations in terms of facilities in Tibet. However we will always put in all our efforts to make your visit as pleasant as possible. The roads, especially the highway from Kathmandu can be rough & is subject to blockages due to land slides & floods & the high altitude does pose a serious threat to quite a few people. The average altitude of the Tibetan plateau is 4000m above the sea level & that is a lot higher than most people have been in their lives.

Tibet Fact Sheet:


Area : 471,700sq. Miles Border 2.5 million sq. km, approx. The size of Western Europe.

Terrain :70% Grassland, from high plateau to tropical forest.

Climate: Average temperature 28 degrees Celsius (Summer) – 15degrees Celsius (in which), extremely dry except during raining season (July- August)

Population:2.62 million

Ethnic groups:Ethnic Tibetans, Menba, Lhoba, Mongols, Hui and a growing number of Han Chinese.

Religions:Tibetan Buddhism, and Animism

Culture: Wedding, Funeral

Languages:Tibetan, Chinese

Festivals:Tibetan New Year, shoot festival, Bathing Festival

Currency: Chinese Yuan Renmindi (CNY)

Time:Local Time = UTC + 8h6

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