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How to Choose and Prepare Your First Trek in Nepal

Nepal Trekking preparation
Mountain Sherpa Admin
Jul 21, 2021

Learn how to prepare and your first Trekking in Nepal properly. As a local Sherpa expert, here are a few of our top prep advices for your future trek in Himalayas.

A trek in Nepal is one of the most beautiful adventures in the world. The stunning landscape, the mighty Himalayas, the kindness of the Nepalese makes sure you experience the very best trip of a lifetime.

Before going to Nepal, you need to be preparing well. A trek shouldn’t be misjudged and can be relatively hard. How hard it varies on several factors, such as the length of the trek, the place, the weather and how much weight you are carrying. Sometimes it would be hard to choose right trek, as there are so many treks in Nepal.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for one of the most famous treks in Nepal. We hope this information’s helps you how to choose right trek for you. What to pack in our bag? What is temperature going to be in the mountains? How can you get a travel insurance for Nepal? What happens if I get sick in Nepal? In short, we wrote this article to share our knowledge & expertise, to give you answers and give you some practical advice to organize your future trek in Nepal.

01. What is the best season for trekking in Nepal?

The best time to travel to Nepal is at the beginning of the dry season in October and November. It is warm, the view is clear and the landscape after the previous downpours bathed in a lush green. The period between March to May at the end of the dry season is the second best season. It is the time that the temperatures are pleasant and many wildflowers are in full bloom.

Even in December and January, cloudless skies have pleasant daytime temperatures of 20 to 25 degrees. However, at night, especially in the higher regions, it can become sensitively cold and uncomfortable without heating. The best months are October to November and March to May (high season).

Due to the extreme elevation differences within Nepal, there are a variety of climatic zones. Around Kathmandu and Pokhara, it is warmer and drier year-round than in the rest of the country. Between April and October, the daily temperatures in Kathmandu are over 25 degrees and barely drop below 15 degrees Celsius at night.

02. How many days of vacation do you have to trek in Nepal?

An important element to take into account when choosing your trek in Nepal is to consider your holiday time possible on the spot. While some treks can be done in 5/6 days, others require a minimum of 10/12 days and the longest in general about 20 days to 45 days.

In order to avoid the AMS (acute mountain sickness), it is imperative to walk gently during a trek in Nepal, the rule is 400-500 meters per day, so you can not brave the watch to try to make Everest base camp trek or Annapurna circuit trek in fewer days than recommended, unless you are used to being in high mountains and still ... (3500m and +).

03. Which trek for which level?

In Nepal, there are treks for all levels, from easy trekking in the valleys to trek of more than twenty days crossing passes over 5000m altitudes and requiring walking 5-7 hours per day.

Beyond training and fitness, one must be aware of a major factor, the risk of AMS (altitude Mountains sickness). Some people feel it from 2500m and it's something to take very seriously. For the first time trekkers, it is generally recommended not to over-estimate and choose a trek not amounting too high. Here are the tops Short Treks in Nepal that stay below 4000 meters.

A. Everest view trek- 11 days   

B. Hike around Kathmandu valley - 8 days

C. Annapurna view comfort trek- 10 days 

D. Chisopani and Nagarkot Trek – 5 days

E. Ghorepani Poonhill trek -  9 days

For those who are looking for more adventure and ready to challenge for a little longer trek that above 4000 meters. Below are the top 5 suggested Best Treks in Nepal.

01.Everest base camp trek -17 days

02Annapurna base camp trek -12 Days 

03Langtang Valley trek - 17 Days

04Mardi Himal trek - 13 Days

05Annapurna sanctuary trek - 14 Days

If you are looking more advance and extra challenging high passes and  long treks in Nepal. Here is our top 5 recommended high pass trek.

A.  Annapurna circuit trek -15 Days

B. Gokyo Valley Renjo la pass trek - 17 Days

C. Everest high Passes trek  - 22 Days

D. Manaslu circuit trek - 21 Days

For those who are looking for an off the beaten trek itinerary, here we would like to recommend 5 best off the beaten trek in Nepal.

01. Trekking Holy Hills And Holy Lakes -17 Days

02. Mountains And Monasteries Trek-15 Days

03. Numbur Cheese Circuit trek - 15 Days

 04. Nar Phu Valley Trek  - 20 Days

05. Khopra Ridge Trek - 14 Days

04.Why I join my trek with reputable Sherpa Company?

This question is a very important as you are going high mountains treks in unknown territory in the first time. We always advise never take risk of going trek alone in Himalayans. Even if the trails are very well marked, we must be aware of high mountains and high altitude; it can be very dangerous (avalanche, landslide, sudden snowfall blocking passes...) without forgetting the risks of altitude sickness. You have to know how to anticipate and react quickly. Our expert Sherpa guide will make you aware of various possible dangers and help you stay away from such hazards. It offers a sense of security in case of any unexpected circumstances in the mountains. We are on-call 24 hours a day and in case of an emergency helicopter.

When you join trek with the expert local sherpa company like us, we care everything such as trek permit and entry fees, Hotels and lodge reservations, Recommending the good places to eat on the way as well as exchange money, hiring gears and all necessary logistics support. We assist you with everything you require. You only have to enjoy the scenery with the safe journey. Mountain Sherpa trekking and expeditions arrange different treks and climb with a 24-hour mountain rescue service.

05. What budget for a trek in Nepal?

The price for a guided trek in Nepal will vary depending on: the trek chooses (which region-which circuit), the season, the duration, the number of people in the group, the desired comfort. For example, the region of Everest is more expensive than that of is therefore very difficult to answer this question. To give you an idea, Our special Package for 16 nights/17 days Everest base camp trek starts from USD$1499 including all meals, accommodations, flights, Permit, expert local Sherpa guide, porter and insurance for staff.

06. What should I bring in my bag for a trek in Nepal?

Please check out more details in below link for general clothing and equipment’s packing tips. Everest base camp Trek packing list

07.What travel insurance to go trekking in Nepal?

As for any holiday abroad, it is essential to take out travel insurance in the event of accidents and illness on the spot and to avoid disappointments. Helicopter evacuations & Medical costs can be very high compared to Europe and America!! For a trek in Nepal, it's really not a question to take lightly. We talk about hiking, high mountains and there is necessarily more risk.The main consideration for your Nepal travel insurance is that it covers you for trekking over 4,000 meters or not. Most, if not all-standard travel policies will not cover you up to this altitude.

We recommend using Nepal travel insurance from World nomad. Which includes cover for trekking over 4,000 meters. We also assist to getting travel insurance for our valued clients, who joins treks and any mountaineering trips with us. For further information please contact us.

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