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Everest base camp trek 14 Days

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May 03, 2024

Everest Base Camp Trek 14 Days

As a seasoned Sherpa Company with over 25 years of experience organizing Everest Base Camp Treks, we put the safety and well-being of our clients first. That's why we don't recommend the 14-day trek to Everest Base Camp. However, if time is tight, we suggest flying back to Lukla from Lobuche after reaching Everest Base Camp.
We strongly advise opting for at least a 16 or 17-day Everest Base Camp trek from Kathmandu to Kathmandu. This includes a rest day in Kathmandu before flying to Lukla and plenty of rest days for altitude acclimatization along the way. This extended itinerary ensures you have enough time to adjust to the altitude, reducing the risk of altitude-related illnesses.
Our recommendation comes from our experience to ensuring your safety and enjoyment in the Himalayas. We're here to help you plan a trek that suits your preferences and time constraints while prioritizing your well-being every step of the way.

Our Highly Recommended 16 Nights and 17 Days Everest Base Camp Trek:

While many companies stick to the same old routes year after year, we, as an expert Local Sherpa Company, offer a fresh perspective. Our meticulously crafted itinerary guides you through the secluded Sherpa village of Phortse, tracing a path on the opposite side of Tengboche. This route unveils breathtaking views across the valley. Moreover, our Everest Base Camp trek itinerary goes the extra mile by incorporating a hike to Ama Dablam Base Camp. This not only enhances the adventure but also facilitates acclimatization to high altitudes.

For more details about the day-to-day itinerary, package, and all the information, please visit the link below:

EBC Trek Round Trip by Helicopter (16 Nights & 17 Days)

Advantages of Booking this EBC Trek Round trip by Helicopter Itinerary:

  1. Round trip (Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu by sharing Helicopter)
  2. No need to drive to Ramechhap to catch Lukla flight (hassle-free travel)
  3. No need to worry about Lukla flight cancellations
  4. Trek through the tranquil haven of Phortse village (less crowded route)
  5. Hike to Ama Dablam for better high altitude acclimatization
  6. Led by expert Local Sherpa Guide
  7. All-inclusive Package (unlimited food and hot drinks) 

Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek- 13 Days

If you are looking for a shorter and luxurious Everest Base Camp trek, then our 13-day luxury Everest Base Camp trek with helicopter return will be the best option to book for an unforgettable trekking experience. Suitable for families, couples, or anyone seeking a luxury experience in the Himalayas.

To delve into the day-to-day itinerary, package details, and find all the information you need, simply click on the link below:

Luxury Everest base camp trek With helicopter return 13 Days

Here are 7 compelling reasons why booking a Luxury Everest Base Camp trek with a Helicopter return to Lukla is an exceptional choice:

  1. Mesmerizing Views: The Everest Base Camp journey boasts stunning scenery, and opting for the luxury package with a helicopter return allows you to behold the majestic landscape from an aerial perspective, enhancing the overall experience.
  2. Time Efficiency: While the standard trek can span around 11 days for the round trip, the helicopter return option condenses the journey to just 9 days. This streamlined approach is perfect for adventurers with limited time constraints, ensuring they still get to savor the essence of the trek.
  3. Deluxe Accommodations: Enjoy the lap of luxury throughout your expedition with comfortable and spacious lodgings, including deluxe lodges and teahouses. Indulge in amenities like hot showers and western-style toilets for a truly pampered experience.
  4. Expert Guidance: Your safety and comfort are paramount, which is why our seasoned guides and porters accompany you every step of the way. Their expertise ensures a smooth and enjoyable trekking experience.
  5. Aerial Adventure: The helicopter ride back to Lukla presents an unparalleled opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring mountains and valleys below, leaving an indelible mark on your memory for years to come.
  6. Exclusive Journey: Opting for the luxury package with a helicopter return grants you a unique and exclusive adventure that sets your Everest Base Camp trek apart, elevating it to a truly extraordinary level.
  7. Enhanced Safety Measures: In addition to the thrill and convenience, the helicopter return option provides an added layer of safety. Should any emergency arise during the trek, the helicopter stands ready to swiftly transport you to medical assistance, ensuring peace of mind throughout your expedition.

What makes Mountain Sherpa Trekking the best company for the Everest Base Camp trek?

Experience the Himalayas with Confidence: 

  1. Sherpa Owned and Operated: A company rooted in authenticity, operated by the Sherpa community for over 25 years.
  2. 25+ Years of Experience: Benefit from our extensive expertise, ensuring a trek that's not just memorable but also safe and well-planned.
  3. Personalized Service: Your journey is unique, and so is our commitment to providing personalized and attentive service tailored to your preferences.
  4. Trusted and Friendly Sherpa Guides: Explore with confidence alongside our trustworthy and amiable Sherpa guides, ensuring a warm and enjoyable experience.
  5. All-Inclusive Packages: Indulge in worry-free trekking with our comprehensive packages, encompassing everything you need, including the luxury of a hot shower during your trek.
  6. Hygienic and Self-Choice Meals Plan: Enjoy a culinary experience with unlimited choices, crafted with hygiene in mind, ensuring your nutritional needs are met throughout your adventure.
  7. Carefully Planned Adventure: Our Everest Base Camp trek itinerary is designed with precision. Beginning with a day in Kathmandu for post-flight rejuvenation, it allows for a smooth transition. We've smartly included a contingency day post-trek, essential for potential Lukla flight disruptions. The well-thought-out plan focuses on acclimatization, reducing altitude sickness risks. On the journey, explore the lesser-traveled route through Phortse village, uncovering Sherpa treasures. Experience varied landscapes, cultural immersion, and summit Kalapathar for an unforgettable view of Mt. Everest.

Embark on a trek that not only takes you to the breathtaking Everest Base Camp but ensures every step is guided by ethical practices, personalized care, and the warmth of the Sherpa hospitality.

Here are some of the highlights you can expect during your trip:

  1. Trekking through stunning landscapes:The trek to Everest camp takes you through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, including lush forests, alpine meadows, and rugged mountain terrain.
  2. Meeting friendly locals Sherpas: Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to meet friendly locals sherpas and learn about their culture and way of life.
  3. Reaching Everest base camp: The ultimate goal of the trek is to reach Everest base camp, where you can stand in the shadow of the world’s highest peak and take in the incredible scenery.
  4. Exploring Namche Bazaar: The bustling market town of Namche Bazaar is a highlight of the trek, with it is colorful shops, Cafes, and bakeries.
  5. Visiting Tengboche Monastery: The Tengboche Monastery is a beautiful Buddhist temple set against the backdrop of the Himalayan Mountains, and it’s a must-visit destination on the trek.
  6. Enjoying Panoramic views from Kala Patthar: Climbing to the top of Kala Patthar provides stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountain, including Mount Everest.
  7. Crossing high suspension bridges: The trek involves crossing a number of high suspension bridges, which can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking.

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