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Best Time to trek in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal
Mountain Sherpa Admin
Sep 27, 2018

Trekking in Nepal is one of the most beautiful adventures for travelers. The varied landscapes, the beautiful nature, the kindness of Nepalese peoples meetings along the trek make best experience. Nepal is a land of varied landscapes and climates, making it one of the best countries in the world for trekking.

From the foothills of the Annapurna to Everest, you can make your way to mountain peaks or explore the rich culture with best jungle safari tour. The country offers travelers the exceptional opportunity to see the ancient city like Kathmandu along treks to remote lakes and mountain tops. Here we would like to share our experience to give you answers and give you some practical advice to organize your future trek in Nepal

What is the best season and time for trekking in Nepal?

The best time to trek in Nepal is autumn. Which are the months of October and November, which are generally dry, with clear and blue skies. The days are very sunny and pleasant, even at altitude. The nights are cool, but the temperatures are milder than in winter.

Spring with the months of March and April is the second best time. The rhododendrons are in bloom, the sun is still present, but the visibility is a little less good than in October / November. Rain can fall.

Winter: December / January: temperatures can be glacial in the mountains, heavy snowfall making the passes impassable; the majority of lodges will be closed.

The wet season: the monsoon period from May to September (especially July-August): heavy rains, landslides, no visibility, many leeches in the valleys. Many impassable trails and closed lodges.

Remember that in the high mountains, time can be changed radically, so you have to be prepared for everything in any season.

How many days of vacation do you have to trek in Nepal?

An important element to take into account when choosing your trek in Nepal is to consider your holiday time possible on the spot. While some treks can be done in 5/6 days, others require a minimum of 10/12 days and the longest in general about twenty days. In order to avoid the AMS (acute mountain sickness), it is imperative to walk gently during a trek in Nepal. The rule is 400 / 500m per day. So, we highly suggest that you do not try to make a high altitude trek in less days, unless you are used to being in high mountains and still ... (3500m and +).

Which trek for which level?         

In Nepal, there are treks for all levels, from short & easy trekking in the valleys to trek of more than twenty days crossing passes over 5,500 meter altitude and requiring walking 5/7 hrs. Per-day. Beyond training and fitness, one must be aware of a major factor, the risk of AMS (altitude sickness). Some people feel it from 2500m and it's something to take very seriously. We highly recommend trekking in Nepal under the direction of experienced Sherpa guides. Always Book your Nepal trekking with reliable, trustworthy and expert company.

For the first time, it is generally recommended not to over-estimate and choose a trek not amounting too high. Many people then opt for the Ghorepani Poon Hill trek, which is in 5/6 days from Pokhara and not exceeding 3500m.

If you looking best adventure treks our Everest base camp trek and Annapurna Sanctuary trek are highly recommended. For those who are looking of the beaten track then our Mountain and Monastery trek and mardi himal trek would be the best choice. For those who like challenging, but rewarding trekking experience the Annapurna circuit trek, manaslu trek and gokyo chola pass Everest base camp trek would be prefect choice.

Check out our other blogs that relating about Nepal trekking and climbing. We hope this information would be helpful for you. Please read about the How to prepare for Everest base camp trek also read how to choose best company for Nepal trekking.

Mountain Sherpa trekking and Expeditions is an expert local Sherpa company providing exceptional & sustainable adventure eco-travel experiences, encouraging people to explore off the beaten path, and inspiring others to give back. To book an adventure of a lifetime, contact us today!

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