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We successfully distributed immediate relief items to 250 of families in Sindhupalchok.

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Mountain Sherpa Admin
Jun 16, 2015

Mountain Sherpa foundation led by Pasang Sherpa is actively doing charity work for victims of Earthquake in different part of Nepal. Yesterday,we successfully distributed immediate relief items to 250 of families in Sindhupalchok on the Nepal-China border, one of the hardest hit regions by the earthquake.

The relief material was 6600kg rice, 400kg lentil, 200kg salt, 200L cooking oil and 200 pieces of hand washing soap, water purification devices and first aid kits worth of USD 5000.

As Nepal is reeling from a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck near the center of the country, Mountain Sherpa Foundation is working for emergency response and is gathering a relief fund for those affected by earthquake. We are aiming to raise USD 60,000 for the emergency response whereby Mountain Sherpa Foundation will match USD 10,000.We would like to thank local representatives of Sindhupalchok. Also very warm appreciation to individuals, our precious clients, friends and organization that made this possible!! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for peace and happiness in Nepal.

As we are working together to address this moment when our nation needs us most, we request you to come forward and help us in this difficult time. Your contribution will allow us to address the needs of thousands who are in need of search and rescue, shelter, water, food, clothes medical supplies and other basic needs. To support our fundraising efforts via Mountain Sherpa Foundation please click on the following link:


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