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How Much Does the Everest Base Camp Trek Cost?

Everest base camp trek blog
Mountain Sherpa Admin
Nov 29, 2018

How much does the Everest base camp trek cost?

The Truth About Everest base camp trek cost and Prices offer.Many people look for a cheap Everest base camp trek. But if you have done some analysis, then you have already found that this is not possible. And you perhaps have also discovered that there are wide ranges of prices and cost charged for Everest base camp trek by different outfitters. There are many less experience trekking operators in Kathmandu. The selections may be overwhelming. The bad news is that there are not many reliable operators, and whom you choose to trek with is key to your success and overall experience. However, if you ignored the doubtful companies, you'd be left with only a couple dozen or so excellence Everest base camp trek operators.

There are minimum expenses every Everest base camp trek operator faces, such as a domestic flight to Lukla, hotels accommodations, National park fees, staff wages, staff insurance, food, equipment, transportation and other logistical costs. Domestic flight (Lukla to Kathmandu) generally cost $170-180 one-way that means around US$350 Per Person for both ways that make the biggest expenses in costing. The other important expenses are staff wages, food, and transportation costs. Local wages amount to around $25-$30 per day for expert Sherpa guide (depending on group size). Food costs come out to about $25-$30 per trekkers per day. Hotel accommodation before and after the trek to Everest base camp costs about $200-$500 including breakfast depending on the hotel standard. There are also costs associated with TIMS, Medical supplies and administrative costs for arranging your trek. By adding up all the daily costs listed here, you can estimate what it may cost to fund an Everest base camp trek on your own.

First and foremost, do not make your decision based on price only. Price should be only one factor in your overall decision. High altitude trekking is not the place to shop for a cheap "deal", nor is it the place to overpay unnecessarily. What you are looking for is an extraordinary service at a reasonable price.

Everest base camp trek Cost

7 Reasons Why you should book your Everest base camp trek with the local specialist like us.

1. A local expert Sherpa Company with more than 20 year’s experience.We are 100% local Sherpa, all growing up in high villages around the Everest regions, growing up with stories of the importance of the Everest and Himalayas.

2. A company that organizes more than 150 treks per year. Specialized for Everest base camp trek.

3. Expert local Sherpa guide who has vast knowledge about Everest Region, Sherpa culture, and trail.

4. Quality lodge and hygienic meals during whole Everest base camp trek.

5. We are Trusted local partner for many international tour operators.

6. Our Everest base camp trek cost included best-selected Hotel accommodation with healthy breakfast

7. We give back to society.We greatly appreciate the hard work that our support staff provides. We refund their works with better treatment than any other travel company. Our staffs receive competitive wages and are also provided with health insurance, which is not a "given" in Nepal.

Budget Everest base camp trek Operators

Avoid the cheap, low budget trekking operators; they are downright dangerous.

There are many Local companies are primarily made up of low budget operators. Because these are often desperate, poorly run companies, they use low prices as their only way to attract clients. Their habit of undercutting each other has resulted in unsafe situations on the mountain. By dropping prices too far, there is simply no way for these operators to provide satisfactory services without skimping on obligatory expenses. It's a certainty that they cannot meet the requirements for a decent hike.Low budget operators often do everything weekly. Here are the main 3 reasons why low budget operators are a bad idea:

1.Inferior Guides

The most important factor in the safety and success of an Everest base camp trek is the knowledge and skill of your guide. However, low budget operators frequently hire temporary guides with little knowledge, poor English language skill, and no medical training. The competence of a guide is not always obvious until an emergency appears, but by then it is too late. Excellence guides do not work for the low budget operators. And if you were a quality guide, you wouldn't either. Quality guides do not wait around for clients to walk in, hoping for some work. Quality guides are hired full time by the top operators and are busy leading groups on organized treks and climbs, week after week.

2.An absence of Security Measures

In addition to their guides being untrained for medical emergencies, the budget operator does not have any system in place for safe high altitude trekking. Budget operators do not have or know how to use equipment that can help detect altitude sickness, such as pulse oximeters. They do not carry bottled oxygen to revive someone whose oxygen saturation has dropped to dangerously low levels.

We also provide fast rescue and evacuation service to our clients including free Coordination service for your insurance company. Some climbers who booked with budget operators or with private guide service and then became ill on the mountain were very lucky that our teams were nearby to assist when their own guides could not and rescued them in time.

3.Irresponsible Trekking

because the guides and porters of the low valued company are unqualified, they do not practice responsible trekking that saves the nature. Often, the mountain teams of low budget operators are seen spoiling. Quality operators like mountain Sherpa trekking and expeditions train their staff on the significance of preservation. Quality operators practice Leave No Trace ethics so everybody can experience the mountain for years to come.

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