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7 Most essential Everest Base camp trek Tips

Everest base camp trek blog
Mountain Sherpa Admin
Nov 27, 2018

Everest Base camp trek Tips

If you are considering doing Everest base camp trek, here we would like to share few most essential Everest base camp trek tips to make your dream trek successful and most pleasant.

Over past two decades we have assisted many trekkers to make their dream trek most successful & unforgettable. We successfully organized 1000 of treks & climbs in our homeland Everest with providing quality service. Our 17 days Everest base camp trek itinerary is perfectly design with 2 nights acclimatizing at 3,440m/ 11,300 ft. as well as 2nights at altitude of (4,410m/ 14,465ft). We also have one full day in Kathmandu for preparation before you fly to Lukla and also an extra day at the end of trek. We organized both customized private treks as well as group join treks. Our normal itinerary for average trekkers is 12 days from Lukla to Lukla, but if you have time & would like to add an extra day or two certainly it is possible. We can tailor the itinerary as per your need.

Here are our most essential Everest base camp trek tips:

1.Begin training well in advance.                         

Everest base camp trek is non-technical hiking, the route doesn’t required crampons or ropes, it’s only a walk up and downs. It's a long hike so your feet need to be train well before you join this trek. Training such as hiking, running, biking, swimming, weight training would be very helpful.

The best and maybe only training you need to do is to hike - period. After all, that is what you will be doing on the mountain. Preferably, you should try to hike as much as possible on hills or mountains to pretend hike on Kalapatter and base camp of Everest. Doing day hikes is wonderful training. For those who do not have approach to trails, but have membership to a gym, you can train very effectively on a stair master machine. If you have no access to trails or a gym, then try to walk as much as you can, with extended walks on the weekends.  You should start training for Everest base camp trek at least two- three months prior to your departure.

2.Well design and flexible itinerary:

When you are trekking at high altitudes, well acclimatization is most important for successful and enjoyable trek. Therefore, when you plan for high altitude trek like Everest base camp, your trek itinerary should be Well design as well as flexible in order to avoid danger of altitude sickness.

Our normal itinerary for average trekkers is 12 days trek that start from Lukla at 2,860 metres /9,383 ft)to Everest Base Camp at 5,380 m/17,600 ft as well as hike to kalapatter 5,643 m /18,514 ft and back to Lukla.

Our Everest base camp trek itinerary includes 2 nights acclimatization at Namche altitude of 3,440m/ 11,300 ft and 2nights at Dinboche altitude of (4,410m/ 14,465ft). During acclimatization days our expert local Sherpa guide will take you for additional acclimatization hikes. As our motto is Climb high, sleep low. Climb to a higher altitude during the day, and then sleep at a lower elevation at night. We also have an extra day in Kathmandu after your trek. This day can be used in trek as well in case if any unexpected circumstances occur. We also highly advise that one full day in Kathmandu rest and trek preparation is necessary after your long international flight to Kathmandu. So we believe that over our entire 17 days Everest base camp trek is perfect for average trekkers and we have 99% success record in our 2-decade of operations.  However, if you would like to customize this itinerary with adding an extra day or two in order to allow for flexibility and for better acclimatization. We are really happy to tailor the itinerary as per your time, fitness & your interest.

3.Join with specialist Company: 

Choosing right company for Everest base camp trek is quite challenging task. So, how you can chose the right company for your Everest base camp trek.

Experience – Hiking to Everest base camp has its risks. Every year, roughly 1,00 of trekkers are evacuated from the mountain due to altitude sickness, and approximately 3-5 deaths are reported. People expire each year and most of them could have been stopped. Who you trek with can save your life. Each trekking company should have familiar guides that know how to avoid and handle sick clients. Guides need proper teaching and experience. They also need to be positive and have real leadership abilities. Everest base camp trek is not the place for a complacent or passive guide. When you join at a company, make sure your guides are well trained and will keep you safe. Do not trek with a newly formed company. This is your life. Why trust someone blindly? We mountain Sherpa trekking & Expeditions has more than 20 years of experience organizing safe and quality treks in Everest Region.

Our local expert Sherpa guides are very experienced, with most having climbed well over 100 times. They are experts who well know the mountain and khumbu regions, since they are local. Please read our recent reviews for everest base camp trek

4. Drink and eat Well:

In order to stop altitude sickness, we highly recommend you to drink at least 4-5 liters of water per day. We also recommend you to eat well. Our guide will provide you sufficient food and hygiene food as per your choice for whole trek. 3 times daily meals will be provided, however, you also can bring energy bars, nuts, and cookies. You can also purchase snacks locally in Kathmandu, Lukla or any lodges you pass.

5.Packing necessities:

Our motto: (Travel lightly and packing smartly) since domestic airline has reduced the weight limit for lukla flight. Your luggage should be max 15 KG including handbag. Therefore, we should pack only necessary gear in order to reduce the weight. Once you arrive in Kathmandu we will offer you free company duffel bag & also help you for necessary packing. We also help you to store your unnecessary trekking stuff at our office or Hotel without charge. you can store city clothes with us at our office of Hotels.

6. Choose good insurance company:

It is compulsory to purchase insurance policy before you join your Everest base camp trek with us. Your insurance must cover helicopter evacuation if it becomes necessary, as well as the costs of repatriation should you miss your scheduled flight due to accident, injury, illness or simple bad luck. Your insurance must specifically include coverage at altitudes up to 6000 meters before you can attempt to climb the mountain. We also guide you and help you to buy cheap and best insurance policy, please contact us. if you need any help from our side.

7.Leisurely and steady hike:

Leisurely and steady hike will eventual lead to success of your Mount Everest base camp trek.It is always worth the gentle walk to experience the magnificence of the mountains. It is highly advice you to walk slowly in order to avoid altitude sickness. Your guide is the key success for the challenging trek like Everest base camp. Your guide should be so patient and need to escort slow pace each day and need to take care all extremely well. We provide expert local Sherpa guide, who always encourage you to stop for rest and breath. We take care our entire group member equally and our guide and assistance Sherpa will be always with our guest. For Well acclimatization, our guide will always take you an extra hike on your acclimatization day. You always hike higher and sleep lower for better acclimatization. Your safe and enjoyable trek is our main purpose. Join with expert local Sherpa guide & enjoy the safe trek.

It was our immense pleasure to share this 7 most important Everest base camp trek tips. If you have any further question and would like to join our Everest base camp trek in 2017. Please send us e-mail at or click here for contact.

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