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Tibet Luxury Travel

Tibet Luxury Travel,Tibet Luxury Trips

Custom Tibet luxury trips with Mountain Sherpa trekking. Enjoy a private guide while you travel to Tibet. Book luxury Tibet trips to see Lhasa city, Potala Palace & more. During our Tibet luxury travel, we stay in luxury hotels like St Regis Lhasa Resort- This resort has wonderful views of Potala Palace, which is a holy retreat for the travelers.

Encircled by some of the planet's highest highland ranges, with the Himalayas to the south, Tibet has retained a sense of secret over the centuries due to its relative remoteness and isolation. The “roof of the world,” it is the highest territory on Earth, located at an average height of 13,000 feet, with seemingly endless, dramatic vistas of mountains and valleys.

Home to the famous religious leader, The Dalai Lama, here you will not only find overwhelming views of the world’s highest mountains but also the chance for unmatched high-altitude hikes, mesmerizing monasteries and one of the most exceptional and attractive cultures in the world.

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