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Why visiting Nepal after Earthquake can be your most fulfilling Trip? 12 Reasons

Nepal Travel advice & Safety
Mountain Sherpa Admin
Aug 27, 2017

Nepal is hard- hit by major earthquake taking lives of over 8,000 people and affecting millions. Despite all that it will be perfect time to visit the country. Probably this trip could be the most fulfilling of your entire trips: here we present how

01: Nepal is As Beautiful as before

Despite devastating earthquakes Nepal is as beautiful as before and the people are as welcoming as before

02: Grab the offers, Value for Money

Nepal’s hotels, Travel agents, restaurants and Tour operators started offering some great deals. What an opportunity to enjoy all our service but paying less than usual.

03: You will see other side of Nepali People

You have seen how welcoming Nepalis can be but this time you will see other side of these friendly people. The resilient Nepalis

04: Nepal is Back to Normal

Everything is functioning perfectly well in Nepal. Transportation, communication, flight etc

05: Nepal Need you

If you love Nepal then just be there because Nepal need you like never before

06: Less crowded, more room for you

The Problem with the beautiful county like Nepal, where you will find world’s most popular trekking routes is that there will be so many tourists. Lucky you, not this time, enjoy while it last

07: Volunteering can be Fun

Always wanted to give something back to society or do some volunteering abroad in a gap year? Trust us; there can be no better time than this one. You can go and teach to schools, help build house, or just be involved in our volunteering work. Or just help nepali family in farming

08: You will be Rebuilding Country

You are visiting country means directly helping rebuild the country. Your contribution means a lot of boost up the economy.

09: it’s obvious to be curious: ‘Disaster Tourism’

Yes there is something called ‘Disaster Tourism’ which is the act to travelling to a disaster areas as a matter of curiosity. Many tourist visit greater new Orleans Area in US after ‘Hurrricane Katarina’. Similar case was in iceland after eruption of Eyjaflallajokull. So why not visit Nepal in the aftermath of earthquake.

10: Because Autumn is Coming

Anything is good time to visit Nepal, still autumn is autumn. The most popular tourist season in Nepal

11: you will be travelling for good cause

Everybody will travel for fun but when you can make difference while having all those fun that’s the most fulfilling trip

12: Because Mountain will miss you





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