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Best Everest Base Camp Trek Company

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Jul 30, 2021

7 Ways To Choose Best Everest base camp Trek Company

Are you looking for best Best Everest Base Camp trek companies for best Everest base camp trek in Nepal? Here are 7 ways to choose best and ethical trekking company for Everest base camp trek and other adventure trips in Nepal. When you trek to a country like Nepal it’s easy to get caught up in the hunt for the cheapest trek or Tour Company. While “budget Everest base camp trek ” might be well known in Nepal, it’s still essential to make considerate, mindful decisions when choosing a best Trekking company for Trek to Everest base camp or any treks and climbing adventure trips in Nepal. Finding best and ethical trekking companies takes work, but is worth the effort.

1. Is there proof that they care the society?

A business corporation may say they give back to the society, but examine for the evidence. If you see a lot of stock photos and unclear language that doesn’t state specific societies, they might not really be giving back. Call and ask what they are keenly doing to avoid mistreatment of local communities. If their answers don’t mention particular societies or you can’t easily speak with a manager about their work, it’s time to find a different trekking company.

2. Are you able to actually speak with the owner?

An ethical and best trekking company will always let you communicate with a real person. If you are frequently redirected with automated replies and form emails, start looking for someone else. If you do reach a person, but the staffs don’t know their work and can’t easily clarify what they do to practice ethical tourism, it’s also time to move on. You should also be able to simply speak with the owner. Ask challenging questions and measure whether or not you’re receiving agreeable responses. If the person you’re speaking with avoids the tough queries or gives you vague responses, think trekking with someone else

3. What is the company’s policy on sustainability and eco consciousness?

Tourism produces a huge impact on the nature. Whether people leave behind waste or deplete local natural resources, sustainability is somewhat each ethical trekking company should address. Ask your trekking company what they do to decrease their environmental impact and how they address that effect on Sherpa communities. Think questioning issues about the company’s Leave No Trace plan, their use of single-use plastics or how they run human waste. If the company has no ecological policy or vague answers, it’s time to ditch them.

4. Does the company use local produce, Local guides and staff?

Ask your trekking and tour company where they source their food, guides and staff. Also ask about the hotels and lodge they’re booking, the restaurants they’re using and where their staff and guides live. A more ethical company will use local staff as possible from the local area.

5. Are their reviews real?

Unethical trekking companies will fake reviews to boost their client appeal. Watch out for reviews that are very short and little in number. Only one review is a bad sign, but likewise, many reviews for a brand new company could sign fake reviews. Look for long, heartfelt reviews that include lots of details from the trip. If you’re unsure about the reviews, ask the company for former clients who would be willing to act as references. Most trekking companies should have at least a few customers who would be willing to talk with a potential client.

6. Do they respect their staff ?

This is the toughest one to prove, but also the most significant quality of an ethical trekking company. Regarding respect for the staff relies on honesty from the company as well as the guides. Companies may lie about the salaries they pay and guides and staff may lie about what they receive to maintain their jobs. Unethical travel companies have a habit of not paying their employees, not paying them on time or docking their pay for various reasons. The best way to tell if a company is not paying its employees honestly is to look at the price. If the trip appears very cheap, someone isn’t being paid fairly and food, gear and transport may not be safe. Ethical trekking and tourism tend to be higher in cost because they do not misuse their staff or the community to lower their prices.

7. Why Ethical company employee Sherpa’s guide and Staff

Yes, it has been scientifically verified that Sherpa’s generate 30 percent more power than the normal humans at the high elevation. Sherpa are known as real hero for Everest. Sherpa holds most of the Mount Everest summit records including mountaineering without oxygen or the highest number of climbing’s. Each foreign mountaineer will experience at least certain amount of altitude illnesses such as a headache, blurred vision, nausea, and weakness. But it's never the case with Sherpa’s, they rarely experience any altitude sickness, and even in such extreme weather condition. Sherpa Risk their Lives for their Clients, they support their customers to reach their goal. They do all to make their customers desire come true. From compromising their lives to set up a tent and preparing food for their clients, they do everything to make their client feel easy on their trip to Everest Base camp or any Treks and Mountaineering Journeys in Nepal.

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