Bhutan Cultural Tour

Our Bhutan Cultural Tour itinerary includes the Paro, Thimphu (The capital of Bhutan),Paro Taktsang Monastery with specific architecture, characterizes the cultural landscape of Bhutan. Discover the magnificent landscapes, history and heritage of this unique regions marked by Buddhism.

Bhutan is a landscape and cultural fascinating country. The small (last) Himalayan kingdom offers visitors a variety of sights and a great variety of nature. The cultural heritage Tour of Bhutan is immense and far from fully explored. Through centuries of isolation and the restriction of entry options, Bhutanese culture has remained almost unadulterated. The Government of Bhutan is pursuing a course of gentle quality tourism to protect the country's natural beauty and cultural heritage. A cultural Tour to Bhutan is a unique travel experience! Bhutan is also one of the top eco-destinations - preserving nature is one of the main concerns of the Bhutanese government. The country is listed among the top 10 of the highest quality travel destinations in the world.


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