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Bhutan Tour and Travel
Bhutan travel and tour is in fact once in a lifetime cultural holiday experience for travelers. Travel to Bhutan, country of thunder dragon is small Buddhist religious country in Asia is a most popular for Bhutan tour and Bhutan travel.
Bhutan tour is popular for visiting monasteries; Bhutan is small in size but rich in terms of culture and bio-diversity. Bhutan travel has been referred to as the “world’s last Shangri-La” because of its remoteness. Himalayan scenery, unsurpassed numbers of birds, mammals and plants, Buddhist temples, shrines, dzongs and traditional Bhutanese houses are among the rarest sights in the world. While travel in Bhutan, there you will find the Bhutanese people friendly and hospitable. Their traditions of hard work and sincerity are passed on one generation to another well-preserved.
Mountain Sherpa Trekking head office in Kathmandu, Nepal and operation office in Bhutan (over 12 years of expert in Bhutan tour operators) offers more than 6 different cultural and scenic Bhutan tours for your lifetime experience. Our Bhutan tour packages are operated in fixed full board accommodations basis including all Airport transfers and Visa services in Bhutan. We use at least best 3 star hotels for all tours in Bhutan, experienced local guides, comfortable vehicles and all services of meals and accommodations. All Bhutan travel and tour itinerary are well designed to make sure you have enough time to see real part of Bhutan tourism.
Bhutan travel journey can be start either from Bangkok, India or Kathmandu. The best way to travel in Bhutan is by flight from Bangkok to Paro or flight from Kathmandu to paro. There are daily flights from Bangkok to paro and 2 Airlines from Kathmandu to paro. The high season for Bhutan travel is from March to May and September to November. It is always advice to book and confirm your Bhutan tour at least 3 months or advance for availability of Druk Air flight seats in high seasons.
All Bhutan trip are under control of Tourism council of Bhutan, the Bhutan tour package price are fixed and you must pay full amount in advance when you book your Bhutan tour with us. After full payment is received, we take care of your Bhutan visa, flight to Bhutan (unless you arranged it yourself), all Bhutan tours arrangements.
Welcome to Bhutan for unforgettable travel experience with us, please below all Bhutan travel package for your great Bhutan tour deal. All Bhutan tour package listed below can be customized and possible to add with Nepal treks and tour or tour of Tibet or India.

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