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Upper mustang tiji festival 2019 booking is open. This year Mustiang  Teji Festival trek starts on May 31 and ends in June 02, 2019. if you looking to book mustaing tiji festival please contact us.

Teji Festival trek is best trek in mustang for cultural exploration. Long ignored by the Western world, the ancient Kingdom of Lo, hidden to the north of the barrier of the Himalayas, is a Nepalese enclave in immense Tibet. Every year, at the end of May or beginning of June, according to the Tibetan calendar, the Teji annual festival takes place. Masked dances and colorful processions take place at the sound of the Tibetan horns. The ancient walls of the palace of Lo Mantang, the capital, resonate for a few hours of the splendor of yesteryear. A magnificent tiji festival trekking at the Mustang, where the grandeur of the landscapes does not give way to cultural wealth.

At a Glance

  • Two days devoted to the Teji festival.A perfect balance between culture and trekking.
  • A complete tour of the Mustang in grandiose landscapes.The visit of the monastery of Lori Gompa, major site


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Our office Staff with Car & driver will welcome, greet you at International Airport on Arrival. After Visa formalities complete, you have to come downstairs to collect Luggage and proceed to outside from terminal Building. Please look after your Printed Name and Our Company Signboard and follow them. Meet our Staff and then Transfer to Hotel. Check in at Hotel, free welcome drinks tea/coffee or any cold drinks. Company Manager will meet you with your guide and will provide detailed Plans and Briefing about the trip. Balance trip Payment should clear if any etc. Free day for relax or explore around the city yourself 

Road to join first Pokhara then Beni (stop at Mugling for lunch). Overnight in lodge. (Breakfast lunch dinner.) Kathmandu-Mugling: 110 km. Mugling-Pokhara: 93 km.Pokhara-Beni: 44 km.

7-8 hrs drive

In the vehicle, we follow the track running along the Kali Gandaki. Beautiful views of the Dhaulagiri at the height of Tukuche. Overnight in lodge. (Breakfast, lunch.)

8 hours drive. Beni-Jomosom: 70 km.1 hour drive. Jomosom-Kagbeni: 15 km.

This morning we are really entering the Mustang. After three hours of walking, we arrive at Tangbe, a pretty little village. An hour of visit to discover the remains of the fortress, admire the chortens typical of these regions and get lost in the labyrinth of alleys. Continue to Chhuksang (1h30 walk). Discovery of this fortified place formed of three distinct villages. Lodge or camp. (Breakfast lunch dinner.)

4 hours walk. M: 460 m. D: 330 m.

NB: in the afternoon, possible visit of Tethang. This fortified village (located at 40 mn in a lateral valley upstream of Chhuksang) is dying little by little because of a history of water that no longer flows to him. This adds about two hours of walking per day.

We go along the Kali Gandaki, which now takes the name Mustang Khola, to a recent bridge, which we cross. Climb to Chele (3050 m). A beautiful door opens the entrance of this small village, folded on itself and perched, it is a place that allows to control all the movements in the valley. One can already feel the change of ethnicity and morals. The path then climbs onto a small plateau closed by a curious stranglehold of stone penitents. View of the village of Gyagar, surrounded by walls. The balcony path overlooks the gorge, with carved steps and steep stairs. Arrival at a first pass, about 3530 meters, where the chain of Damodar Himal unveils. Descent to Samar, a small typical village, with its poplars and a very irrigation. Small walk to the chortens dominating Samar and its recent monastery. Lodge or camp. (Breakfast lunch dinner.)

4 hours of walking. 

Descent into the river bed, followed by a quiet climb, then a magnificent balcony trail facing the Nilgiri and the Annapurna Range. We dive quickly in a beautiful canyon with steep walls. A 40-minute and one-hour round trip to visit the sacred cave where many pilgrims come to pray, before reaching Syangboche, a tiny, tightly clamped village. The climb continues up to the pass, about 3850 meters. Descend to the village of Ghiling, in which we enter following a wall of red maniac. Ghiling is vast, and its largely irrigated fields are protected by a long wall of dry stones. A very beautiful monastery dating back to the 1400s, preceded by a very nice chorten, dominates Ghiling, we visit it. Lodge or camp. (Breakfast lunch dinner.) 6 hours of walking.

According to ethnologist Michel Peissel, Ghiling is the gateway to the Kingdom of Lo. Departure quietly in the alpine pastures of Ghiling before the steep climb by a good trail until the collar of Nyi La (4010 m). The view is unobstructed on the Annapurnas. From there, we descend into a deep gorge with carved walls. A crossing takes us to the small pass of Ghemi, which opens the view on the eponymous village. White houses with wooden windows painted in bright colors, chortens, prayer wheels make Ghemi a very pretty village overlooking beautifully designed fields. After the meal, it is possible to go back and forth (about 1 hour) to discover the longest mani wall of the Mustang (350 m). We leave Ghemi; The path takes us to a new small pass. Quickly, we discover the extraordinary red ocher cliffs that close the horizon and overhang Dhakmar. As usual, some chortens mark the entrance to the village. Lodge or camp. (Breakfast lunch dinner.)

5 hours walking. 

The trail zigzags through penitents of land until the first pass of Mui La, then crosses a beautiful plateau to the "true" Mui La pass. The path, now balcony, snakes through the alpine pastures where grazing goats And yaks to the very lively monastery of Ghar Gompa (8th century), decorated with beautiful frescoes. Visit the monastery. Small descent into the talweg, and we climb gradually to Ghar La, accompanied by the murmur of a small stream.

A first pass before a crossing on the flank that goes around the valley leads us to the second pass of Ghar La, at 4280 meters. Lo Mantang, the fortified capital of the ancient and mythical kingdom of Lo, is situated in a magnificent landscape of colorful hills, ranging from white to red ocher, all the tones of yellow, all crowned with snow-capped peaks. It has two doors: a north side, main entrance passing under a large porch, and a south side, backdoor, erased and discreet. Traditionally, only the north door was open during the day and closed every night ... Lodge or encampment. (Breakfast lunch dinner.)

7 hours of walking. 

The program is not set in advance. Walk through the narrow streets of this old city and the square of the royal palace to discover the masked dances and colorful processions taking place at the sound of the Tibetan horns. The dances are motley but static. You can also take the opportunity to walk around Lo Mantang, in the middle of fields of barley, mustard and buckwheat. In addition, ancient monasteries display beautiful paintings and magnificent mandalas. Lodge or camp. (Breakfast lunch dinner.)

We pass the pass over Lo Mantang. The road bifurcates into an adjacent valley of the Khola Mustang. A magnificent balcony trail, with a splendid view on the high summits of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, leads us to a small pass at about 4000 meters above sea level. The descent on the village of Dhi Gaon, steep, ends in a lunar decoration, between immense penitents of earth. Magnificent view of the village and the river. Returning for a good hour to the bed of the river Puyun Khola, dominated by cliffs carved out of ancient troglodytic habitats forming a true city of 17 floors. The path recovers and it is Yara, a small hamlet with houses close to each other. Lodge or camp. (Breakfast lunch dinner.) 5-6 hrs walking. 

Ascent to the village of Gara (3875 m); We reach Lori Gompa by a cross road which allows to reach the village from the top (pass at 3935 m). Visit of a sanctuary of another time, in a hermitage dug in the heart of the fairy chimneys, above the gompa (monastery); we admire a walled chorten and millenary frescoes. Discovery of the monastery, then descent to Yara by the road that follows the river bed. Lodge or camp. (Breakfast lunch dinner.) 4 hours of walking.

The path descends first gently to cross a ravine, then slight rise to reach a large plateau about 3750 meters, overlooking a spectacular relief: huge organ pipes! From this plateau, beautiful view of the Dhaulagiri. Descending by fairly steep laces to the river Dichvang Khola, which we cross by ford. Long climb to the pass around 4000 meters before diving again towards the village of Tangye: the arrival above the village and its fields is superb! Visit this lost village with remarkable architecture, with its magnificent alignment of chortens. Lodge or camp. (Breakfast lunch dinner.) 7 hours of walking.

The stage is long, with many climbs and descents! After a short descent into the gorge, the path, initially horizontal to the torrent, "climbs dry" at 4100 meters to arrive at the pass Paha (4 hours of walk). Follow three hours of "Nepalese dish" between 4200 and 4300 meters; The path winds from plateau to plateau, from croup to rump, between rock formations very cut out, before a dive on Chhuksang, village that we already know. Very beautiful day in a wild setting, where we enjoy superb colors and magnificent rock formations. Lodge or camp. (Breakfast lunch dinner.) 8-9 hrs walking

Beautiful stage to reach the Hindu shrine of Muktinath by the Gyu La pass. The climb is rough, but the scenery dazzles. At the pass, the view over the Dhaulagiri and the Annapurna rewards our efforts. The path descends, then continues in balcony to reach the trail that arrives from the Thorung Pass (tower Annapurnas). Descent to Muktinath. Lodge or camp. (Breakfast lunch dinner.)

6 hrs walking. 

Arid landscapes opening onto the Tibetan plateaux to the north and high snow-capped mountains to the south: the Nilgiri and, above all, the formidable Dhaulagiri. Short climb towards a pass (4000 m), exceptional view on the Dhaulagiri. Descend to Lupra, unique village bön on our route. The bön religion is the Tibetan religion preexisting to Buddhism. Descent to Jomosom. Overnight in lodge. (Breakfast lunch dinner.)

6 hours of walking. 

In the vehicle, we follow the track running along the Kali Gandaki. Beautiful views of the Dhaulagiri at the height of Tukuche. Arrival in Beni, change of vehicle and road to Pokhara. Overnight at the hotel. (Breakfast, lunch.)

10 to 11 hours by road. Jomosom-Pang (Pokhara road branch): 90 km (track). Pang-Pokhara: 70 km (road).

Today is free day your own. you can just relax at your hotel or visit old Darbar squres.


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