What to Expect: Travel Safety Protocol

Safety has always been a priority at Mountain Sherpa Trekking and Expeditions and in the new context of COVID-19; outdoor recreation remains one of the safest ways to travel. We’ve consulted with experts to adapt our on-tour protocols while maintaining the level of luxury you’ve come to expect.

There’s nothing more important than the health, comfort, and well being of our travelers and team. The CDC and WHO warn that COVID-19 is primarily spread through direct, person-to-person contact, so Mountain Sherpa Trekking is focused on reducing the risk of transmission the following ways.

Keeping Spaces Safe

We’ve always had the smallest group sizes in the industry, and we’re reducing them even further to keep you safe. Mountain Sherpa trekking group sizes never exceed 12 guests. 

  • To ensure proper physical distance in our private vehicle, seating will be assigned. We’ve also revised some itineraries to shorten transfers—and therefore reduce time in the private transportation.
  • While trekking, you’ll be asked to maintain a distance of at least six feet from your fellow trekkers.
  • Our hotel partners are implementing proper physical distancing by limiting the in-person presence of employees and guests in communal spaces (like restaurants and lobbies).

Special Attention to Sanitizing

  1. Mountain Sherpa trekking requires all our vendors and hotels to adhere to strict operating and sanitizing standards, including specialized training for hotel and restaurant staff and stringent cleaning protocol.
  2. Your guides will clean every piece of gear and equipment thoroughly and regularly—including sleeping bags, water bottle, and duffel bags surfaces.
  3. We’ll supply you with your own disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer, to use as you prefer.

Requiring Your Cooperation

  1. We ask that you arrive for your tour in good health. You’ll be required to complete a health survey prior to your arrival. Based on the answers, mountain Sherpa trekking reserves the right to restrict symptomatic or exposed travelers from joining a tour.
  2. Please take note of and follow any travel restrictions or quarantine requirements in your intended destination.
  3. Temperatures will be taken on arrival. A reading of 100 degrees will prevent any person from joining the tour.
  4. Face coverings or masks must be worn over your nose and mouth while in the car, walking around cities, at any stops or safety briefings, in restaurants (when not eating), or at any other group activities. Face coverings will not be required while trekking if a safe distance is maintained on the trails.

Providing Personal Choice

  • Going private is a greater option than ever. On many itineraries, you’re guaranteed the lowest published price with a private group of six or more.
  • In addition to more flexible dining options, we’ll be offering increased flexibility for social activities, artisan visits, and other experiences—there’s no pressure to join if you feel safer sitting it out.

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