When you take your visa on arrival, check that the "sticker" is properly affixed: without it, your visa is not valid.The most convenient (and less expensive) is to have a visa on arrival at Kathmandu airport. To do this, please bring a photo Passport size and Cash small bills.

  • 25 US dollars (or euro equivalent) for a 15-day visa (multiple entries)
  • 40 US dollars (or euro equivalent) for a 30-day visa (multiple entries)
  • 100 US dollars (or euro equivalent) for a visa from 31 to 90 days (multiple entries).

The visa is free for children under 10 years. For stays of less than 3 days, free visas no longer exist (take a visa "15 days").

When you take your visa on arrival, check that the "sticker" is properly affixed: without it, your visa is not valid.

Depending on what sort of trips you are taking. Mostly our cultural tours featured in this site are easy. Hence, simple healthy people can enjoy any tour. For trekking you must be fit enough to trek about 6/7 hours a day. We have given grading for all the tours/treks featured in this site so please look at the grading system for more details. For mountain climbing, you have to be good physically and mentally as well as a little previous climbing experience would be good.

For our tours/treks below 4000m, there is little likelihood of being subject to altitude sickness, unless you are taking one of our more extreme adventure trekking. Kathmandu rests at an altitude of only 1350-m (4430ft) and at this altitude there is no likelihood of altitude related sickness.

We'll be advising you well in advance if altitude is an issue. Our tours/treks above 4000m do require acclimatization periods and any of our trekking needing acclimatization has it built into the itinerary and that comes from 20 years of experience and the best medical advice… So don't worry.

This varies between the various styles of our trekking/tours. At minimum it will be comfortable, clean and modern amenities Guest house accommodation during trekking in Everest Region, Annapurna Region & Langtang Region. During camping trek, you will get nice tented accommodation with high quality matters. There's also deluxe-tented accommodations with all services provided and which Nepal is renowned for.
Mountain Sherpa Trekking and expeditions has its own full range of camping and cooking equipment to be sure our standards are maintained and this we offer when you book a Camping trek. Wealways like to offer accommodations that blend & complement the nature of your trekking do not have that generic 'blah' feeling about them.

Yes, please write us for Group join with all your travel details and Place of Trekking/Expeditions you wish to make. If you are with Family or with your Friends, we organize Private Treks also. Please check what you need before you book the trips.

Very good questions, Yes! Absolutely your foods and water are safe while you are lodge and camp trek. We provide you only when it is hygienically prepared on the lodge. Our guides are also the cook while you are on the lodge trek, he will checked while it is preparing on the kitchen & make sure everything are Okay. Most of the cooks in the local teahouses are simply train and experienced. If the group required our well trained 5 star class cooks with the crew even on the lodge trek we are more delighted to take with an additional cost. We will provide boiled with purified by tablet and bottled sealed water in case of insufficient even though we are conscious about current environmental issues. On Mountain Sherpa trekking & expedition Camp crew we have good combination of Guides, Sherpa’s, Cooks, Kitchen staffs and Porters. Guides and cooks are technically, practically and theoretically well train while on the camping trek our best cooks make you the best varieties foods, which is hygienically prepared. You will find out very rare repetition of food items on your entire trek duration. As far as drinking water, it treated by boiling and water purification by medicine or with filtered.