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How to choose best Company for Nepal trekking

It’s a given that you’ll wish to choose one of the best trekking company in Nepal for your Nepal trek and Tour . One with a trustworthy reputation, that fits your financial plan, and th...

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How to Choose and Prepare Your First Trek in Nepal

How to Choose and Prepare Your First Trek in Nepal? A trek in Nepal is one of the most beautiful adventures in the world. The stunning landscape, the mighty Himalayas, the kindness of the Nepal...

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The Sherpas and Everest

The Sherpas and Everest  Sherpa is the superhuman who is known as the real hero of Everest.The history of Mount Everest is also a history of the Sherpas. The eastern peop...

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Best treks in nepal

Best treks in Nepal to explore 2016 Do you want to know the best treks in Nepal? You’ve come to the right place. We have more than 20 years of expertise for organizing best treks in Nepal...

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Best Family Trekking & tours holiday in Nepal

Best Family Adventure trekking and Tours Holiday in Nepal Nepal is, by its very nature, a family friendly destination. You will find that local Nepali people are mostly welcoming. If you have c...

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Best of Annapurna Round trek & Everest base camp Trek

Best of Annapurna Round trek & Everest base camp Trek Our respected clients from Michigan USA Mr. Bradley Michael has arrived safely Kathmandu on April 07, 2016 & left for 21 days Annap...

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Why visiting Nepal after Earthquake can be your most fulfilling Trip? 12 Reasons

Nepal is hard- hit by major earthquake taking lives of over 8,000 people and affecting millions. Despite all that it will be perfect time to visit the country. Probably this trip could be the most ...

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Knowing Kathmandu

There is something remarkable about transitioning from the noisy Tridevi Sadak outside to the serene indoors of the Garden of Dreams in Kathmandu, Nepal. You pause for a moment, wondering at the co...

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Record number of climbers likely to make Everest bid

KATHMANDU, APR 14 - Everest is likely to see a record number of climbers this season due to a backlog resulting from last year’s closure of the world’s highest mountain to expeditions f...

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List of mountains of Nepal

Lisf of Mountains of Nepal  Nepal includes part of the Himalayas, the chain of the highest mountains in the world. Eight of the 14 mountain peaks over eight thousand meters are in Nepal, e...

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