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Visit Nepal 2020

A paradise for trekkers, Nepal, in itself is an enigmatic experience filled with gorgeous views of the Himalayas, temples and hill villages. One of the most famous travel destinations for tourists, Nepal is filled with beauties which are bound to entrance the visitors. Among the highlights are trekking and climbing, along with visits to holy sites and pilgrimages. Trekkers line up to scale the highest mountain, Mount Everest, along with other peaks that fall under the highest peaks in the world. Furthermore, the cultural richness of Nepal is unparalleled. Tourists can visit the seven cultural sites listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites. These sites include Durbar Squares, stupas, and temples. The several ethnic groups residing throughout the country have their own art, traditions, and rituals that make Nepal a cultural core. Another contributing factor to the popularity of Nepal is the biodiversity which is pretty diverse. Nepal boasts a number of endangered birds and animals, some of which are found only in Nepal. Birdwatching has slowly but surely advanced to a widespread activity among visitors. All these aspects have positively impacted the tourism division of Nepal. Moreover, the tourism sector of Nepal has a lot of growth potential  and the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) is well aware of it. As a result, MoCTCA has organized Visit Nepal Year in the year 2020.

Visit Nepal Year in 2020, more commonly known as Visit Nepal 2020, was started in 2017 and aims to attract at least two million visitors and tourists to Nepal till 2020. The government selected 2020 as a national tourism year. Prior to this year, 2011 was the primary national tourism year of Nepal which had newly become the Federal Democratic Republic. The Nepal government had undertaken a similar campaign in 1998 titled Visit Nepal 1998. The government has targeted to work on the brand of Nepal as a country for travel and vacation, enhancing the local tourism and the tourism industry in the process. After the devastating earthquake of 2015, the tourism flow in Nepal had almost halved in 2016 compared to the previous year. However, in 2017, the inflow of tourists was doing numbers similar to the time before the earthquake. The campaign advertises Nepal as a safe country for travelers and focuses on the fact that only 12 out of the 75 were affected by the earthquake. All the 35 major routes for trekking have been deemed safe by the Tourism Board of Nepal. The campaign was originally scheduled in 2018 and could not come at a better time, providing the boost to the shaken tourism industry. However, lack of proper transportation infrastructure and delays in the construction of the airport in Bhairahawa led to the postponing of the campaign. The government is well aware of the fact that transportation is one of the main services that need enhancement in increasing the inflow of tourists. The campaign is expected to support the local economy especially in the rural parts of Nepal.

The government has been focusing on numerous ongoing preparations for 2020. The preparations and arrangements started from 2016/2017 as an effort to establish a strong base for 2020. The most significant arrangements are the enlargement of the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu along with the creation of Gautam Buddha Airport in Bhairahawa and the Pokhara Airport. These two new international airports are under construction for 2020. Furthermore, the Tribhuvan Airport, which operated for 18 hours daily, is set to operate for an addition of 3 hours to increase the service for the arriving and departing tourists. Besides the airports, the cultural and heritage sites of Nepal have been under construction or renovation. Some sites have undergone massive damages as a result of the earthquake. The government plans to finish all the renovation by 2020.

The tourism board is also operating the campaign ‘Visit Nepal Europe’ in many European countries which are supported by Nepalese diplomats and ambassadors. The hotel sector of Nepal has also experienced a few developments. It has begun its plan of adding about 4000 new rooms in four-star and five-star hotels. These hotels are situated in Pokhara, Chitwan, and Kathmandu cities which receive a heavier number of tourists as compared to the other cities and village. These cities are also much more developed and thus can accommodate the larger number. Additionally, there are a few international chain hotels such as Marriott, DoubleTree, and Hilton, which are looking to operate in Nepal.

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