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How to choose the best Everest Base Camp Trek package

Everest base camp trek blog
Mountain Sherpa Admin
Dec 04, 2022

How to choose the best Everest Base Camp Trek package?

Are you looking for once in a lifetime Everest Base Camp trek? There are several hundred trekking agencies offering the Everest Base Camp trek package. You might be a little overwhelmed as there are so many companies advertising tours to base camp that you don't know who to choose. As an ethical Sherpa-owned Company, here we will help you to choose the book right package. As you know, the main variable that varies from company to company is the inclusion of all meals and beverages at the trekking and hotel in the city and mountain lodge accommodation while trekking.

What makes our all-inclusive Everest Base camp trek package different than others?

You may find some companies are cheaper because food and drink are not included or they only provide limited Meals during the trek or they do not provide quality lodges during the trek, or they do not include hot showers and hot drinks and you can set aside your own budget for this. Another most important thing is you should check the ethics of the company including how they are contributing to their society and how they are supporting their porters and other local staff and resources.

7 Things you must check before booking an Everest Base Camp Trek Package

01. Accommodation in City & Lodging in Mountain:

Quality Accommodation is the most important part of an Everest base camp trek because you need a good night's sleep in order to enjoy your trip fully. If you sleep well at night then you will be more energetic and productive during your trekking. From our experience, the majority of travelers prefer the comfort and quality hotels before and after the Everest Base Camp trek. So our Everest Base trek package includes a total of 4 Nights of quality hotel accommodation (2 Nights before the trek and 2 Nights after the trek).

All our handpicked hotels feature good locations, high-class service, and all amenities necessary for a comfortable stay. We have 2 different hotel package options for the Everest Base camp trek.

  • Our 3 Star Hotel Package starts from $1856 USD Per Person only
  • Our 5 Star Hotel Package starts from $2165 USD Per Person only

While you are trekking, we will provide you with upgraded quality lodges rooms with attached bathrooms plus hot showers in available places, which is included in our Everest Base camp trek package. After a long and arduous day's trekking, you’ll be able to sit back and relax in a warm living room, enjoy a hot shower, and enjoy a healthy meal. The ‘living room area is heated in the evenings with a pot-bellied stove. Our handpicked Lodges are always friendly places where you can meet many other tourists.

02. All-inclusive package 

When you book our all-inclusive Everest Base camp trek, this will not only saves you time; but also gives you every sort of comfort you could think of. Our good design package includes everything from arrival day to final departure. These packages are proposed for those travelers looking for comfort and ease from their trekking holidays in the Himalayas. Booking an all-inclusive Everest Base Camp Trek package means that the costs of most of your expenses are covered in the price. These include things like transportation, domestic flights, trekking Permit, welcome dinner, quality hotel and lodge accommodation with a hot shower, 3 times enough meals, drinks like tea and coffee on the trek, and planned activities or cultural tours as well as extra service like one hour authentic Ayurveda massage at the end of the trek. If you want a well-planned all-inclusive holiday then our 15 Nights/16 days Everest base camp trek package would be perfect for you.

03. Meals during trek: 

Enough hygiene food and hot drink are very important for a successful Everest Base Camp Trek. Our all-inclusive Everest Base Camp trek Package includes 3 meals a day with hot drinks. Curious to know what kind of food you might expect during the Everest Base camp trek. Here is a sample menu for a normal trekking day:

Breakfast– Pancakes, boiled eggs, omelets, or porridge; bread with butter and jam.

Lunch/Dinner– Dhal Bhat, Macaroni, Spaghetti, Fired rice, Curry with rice, noodles, Soup, mashed potatoes with Cheese, Mo.Mo. etc

Hot Drinks– A selection of tea like milk, black, lemon, or coffee

Note: Unlike most companies, the Mountain Sherpa Trekking guide will not control the food menu during your trek in Nepal, which means you can select any food from the lodge menu as per your taste. Mountain Sherpa trekking provides enough meals on their trek as part of the trip price.

04. Tailor-made Package Options:

 Mountain Sherpa Trekking & Expeditions offers tailor-made trekking holidays in all parts of Nepal. As a local expert Sherpa Company, we specialize in planning trekking holidays 100% tailored to individual requirements. With Tailor-Made journey, you get to do everything that you want in your way and at your preferred date. Or you could pick one of our existing trips and set a departure date that suits you instead.

You can book a custom-designed Everest Base camp trek Package for 2023 or an Everest Base camp Trek in 2024 as per your interest and request. Let us know what your dream trip would be and we'll make it happen!

As a local Sherpa expert, we can craft notable experiences for you or your specific group—and work within your needs and budget. Get in touch with a local expert for your perfect vacation.

05. Hot shower: 

It is very important to take a hot shower to remain fresh, healthy, and clean after long day walks. Our upgraded Everest Base camp trek package includes a hot shower at the end of each day's hike where available. So, you don’t have to pay extra for a hot shower. In higher places where running showers are not available, our guide will provide you with a bucket of hot water to bathe with. Though, we highly recommend you avoid taking showers above 4000 m elevation as one can simply catch a cold or even have breathing difficulties while trekking up. You can shower once you descend to a lower altitude that is easily accessible at lodges in Pheriche, Namche, and Lukla

06. Local Sherpa Guides and Porter: 

A reliable and experienced Sherpa guide is key for an enjoyable and safe trek in Nepal. With more than 25 years of experience and a deep understanding of mountains, people, and local culture; we provide you with the top quality services. The importance of your Everest base camp guide cannot be underestimated:

All our guides are certified local Sherpa and they have years and years of experience in trekking and climbing, and understand the whims of the Himalayas, as much as it’s humanly possible. They are very patient with those of you who are slower trekkers, which is the key to a successful trek on Everest. As you know Sherpa’s are fundamentally happy by nature, our Sherpa guides Act honestly, fairly, and professionally. They will be always punctual, trustworthy, sincere, good sense of humor, friendly and caring.

07. Contribution to the Society: 

We believe that we all must give back to our society, as an ethical Sherpa Company, we know the importance of giving and supporting those in need. The Mountain Sherpa Foundation has been established to help address the basic needs problems of the deprived mountain people and low-income families of a remote part of Nepal. We work directly with the local communities to find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice. We seek to help and to be helped to ensure that poor people can improve their lives and livelihoods.

Supporting Our Communities During the COVID-19 Pandemic:

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